Evolution of the price of diamonds

Evolution of the price of diamonds
The evolution of the price of diamonds is very hard to evaluate because there are thousands of categories of diamonds (by combining the different levels of 4C), and therefore thousands of price ranges. It is therefore almost impossible to describe in its entirety, as there are disparities between the cheapest diamonds and the most expensive diamonds. There is no official and unique diamond price but a market price that varies according to the characteristics of the diamond. The carat price of a 0.30 carat diamond is very different from that of a 1 carat diamond. The price per carat of a 1 carat diamond in G color and VS clarity is different from that of a 1 carat diamond in H color and SI clarity. And their course evolves differently and independently according to supply and demand.

Diamond: a pleasure investment to diversify your savings.

An object of beauty and luxury, diamonds are also a safe and coveted value in the investment market. Diamond is known to be a safe bet, especially for a long-term investment, with growth of 2 to 3% per year. In recent years demand has exploded and the trend has been towards a decline in production due to the depletion of the rough diamond mines, which is pushing up the price of diamonds. That said, do not expect to make a fortune by investing in diamonds, because the purchase price of your stone will often be lower than the price at which you bought it so we advise you to stay reasonable by placing a maximum of 10% of your savings in the diamond. The advantage of diamond is to be the most valuable material in the least space and the most easily transportable. Let's add that diamond is also easy to transmit. And what a pleasure it is to be able to wear or see your investment on a daily basis and to admire its beauty in all its facets. If you own a diamond or inherit a diamond, you must make sure that you go through a diamond dealer or jeweler specialist gemstone that what you own is a jewel and a diamond worth.

The world stock markets where the diamond price is played

This raw stone created by nature when the conditions are met comes essentially from Africa. Once extracted from the mines and meticulously sorted, the diamonds are sent to the expert stock exchanges, where millions of dollars are brewed daily. Of the 28 stock exchanges in the world, the most famous is in Belgium and more precisely in Antwerp. With 80% of the world's diamond production, the Belgian city is the capital of trade around the gem. This is where you will find the most serious diamond dealers on the planet. You will find scholarships also in New York, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and especially Bombay. The capital of the Kingdom of India has the largest diamond exchange since 2012. Negotiation and sale of rough diamonds are the daily life of these gem merchants. It is difficult, if not impossible, for an individual to obtain rough, uncut diamond on these markets. That's why we advise you before any investment to meet a diamond expert wholesaler.

Diamond price simulators

A diamond is not valued in any way and it is not enough to enter a simulator, its weight, its color and its purity. Of course, it is important to know these latest characteristics to make sure that what you have in your hands is a diamond. The carat, which is the weight unit of the diamond, greatly influences the price of the diamond. We are still talking about carat prices. The bigger the diamond, the rarer it is and the higher the carat price will be. There are online simulators to get you an idea and so do not accept an offer too low.

The Rapaport price list

The Rapaport Diamond Report is a price list of cut diamonds. In the diamond sector, we do not talk about courses or prices, but rather about the Rapaport prices. An essential tool for the purchase and sale trade of diamond wholesalers, this report is published every Friday and allows to keep abreast of fluctuations in the price of the gemstone. Only used for the white diamond, you will not find information about the colored diamond, which, because of its great rarity, is subject to another logic of price. Available by subscription, the Rapaport gives the following information on the different criteria for sorting the diamond: weight, shape, color and purity. Add 2 zeros to the number in the box and you will get the carat dollar price of your diamond.