Most expensive diamond

Cullinan Diamond

The largest diamond in the world

The largest diamond in the world is Cullinan, a diamond of 3,106.75 carats (621.35 grams), discovered in South Africa in 1905 at the Thomas Cullinan mine. It had been transformed into 9 smaller diamonds, 7 of which had been installed on the British Royal Crown:
Cullinan I is a 530.2 carat pear-shaped diamond with 74 facets. He is installed at the top of the British imperial scepter, which is exposed to the Tower of London, along with the other jewels of the British Crown; Cullinan II is a 317.4 carat diamond with 66 facets. It is set on the front of the Imperial Crown of State, which, like the British imperial scepter, is another jewel in the British crown; Cullinan III is also a pear-shaped diamond of 94.4 carats. It is worn with Cullinan IV as a brooch; Cullinan IV has a square shape and weighs 63.6 carats. It is therefore part of a brooch, with Cullinan III; Cullinan V has a heart shape and weighs 18.8 carats; Cullinan VI is a marquise diamond of 11.5 carats; Cullinan VII is also marquise-shaped and weighs 8.8 carats; Cullinan VIII is an oval shaped diamond that weighs 6.8 carats; Finally, Cullinan IX is pear-shaped and weighs 4.39 carats. It is installed in a platinum ring.
Even more recently, in 2017, a 1,109-carat diamond was purchased by the British jeweler Laurence Graff for $ 53,000,000, which corresponds to $ 47,777 per carat, a price that is far from being the highest. high.

Blue Moon Diamond

The Blue Moon diamond is an exceptional diamond. It is a 12.03 carat blue diamond, cut from a 29.62 carat rough diamond. Like Cullinan, the world's largest diamond, it was discovered in South Africa at the Cullinan Mine, from which most blue diamonds come from around the world. The rough diamond was purchased for the sum of $ 25,600,000 by Cora International, which carved it. The task was not easy because it had to circumvent the inclusions that presented the rough diamond. You should know that blue diamonds are among the rarest and most coveted in the world.
The diamond, once cut, was sold in 2015 for $ 48,460,000, which corresponds to a price of $ 4,020,000 per carat, a record! It is therefore a rectangular diamond, which measures 1.55 cm by 1.34 cm.
When it was sold, the Blue Moon achieved several records, including the most expensive diamond, regardless of its color, that of the most expensive jewel sold at auction, and finally, that of the diamond price to the carat.

Pink Star, the diamond

The Pink Star diamond is also an exceptional diamond. This is a huge pink sparkling oval diamond of 59.60 carats (just that!). The diamond measures 2.69 cm by 2.06 cm and still weighs 11.92 grams. It was sold in 2017 at a record price of $ 71,200,000, or about $ 1,195,000 per carat.
It is the largest diamond in its category that the GIA, the American Gemological Institute, has had to certify.
It had already been sold in 2013, for the even more mind-boggling sum of $ 83,000,000, but the buyer had run out of money and was therefore lacking.
The rough diamond, which was 132.5 carats, was discovered in 1999 in Africa by De Beers. The size would have taken more than 2 years, so it took great care to reveal this beautiful diamond.
At the time of its sale, the Pink Star thus obtained two records held by the Blue Moon: that of the most expensive diamond, whatever its color, and that of the most expensive jewel sold at the auction.