Radiant cut diamonds

radiant shape diamonds
The Radiant cut diamond is an original variant of rectangular or square size, characterized by bevelled angles. Invented in 1977, it is at the origin of a whole series of square sizes which are derived from it like the princess cut. The number of facets (70) higher than the classic size of emerald shape provides a stronger shine. Radiant is a term of astronomy describing an optical effect.
We recommend Radiant shape diamonds from a weight of + - 1 carat to bring out the shape which in our opinion is the most beautiful when it is close to the square (ratio between 1.00 and 1.05).
The Radiant cut diamond brings a note of originality and exclusivity that distinguishes it from the most classic forms. Also to accentuate the orginality one can choose more saturated white tones that add depth, mystery and singularity to the diamond. 
We offer  Radiant Shape Diamonds only upon special request