Diamond Flower Ring

Diamond flower ring
There are many creations of women's jewelry on the theme of the diamond flower ring or other stones to magnify an enchanting nature: fleur-de-lis ring, lotus flower, pink ring, clover, camellia ... The flower perfectly symbolizing femininity and the sensibility, all the great jewelers have developed a collection on this romantic theme and conducive to the imagination of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry.
The styles of flower diamond ring creations vary from geometric forms to organic shapes and give birth to chic and discreet rings, or exuberant and whimsical. The desires to wear a flower ring also vary: often engagement ring or wedding, the flower ring can also be a cocktail ring or object of the finest finery.
Silver flower rings for fancy collections, gold or platinum flower rings for jewelery pieces set with precious stones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires ...), there are some at all prices. But whatever the source of inspiration for a diamond ring in the shape of a flower, creativity is always lulled by a great momentum of romance.

Rings flowers at i-diamants

The desire to create a collection on the theme of the flower ring is recent at i-diamonds. For a long time we have focused on our specialty: the manufacture of engagement rings, wedding rings and diamond jewelery in classic shape: solitaire diamonds, diamond pendants, diamond earrings with claws or in closed setting. These are jewels with timeless and pure lines, which accompany you a whole life and are in perfect adequation with the symbolism of the diamond: the purity, the classic elegance and timeless, the eternal shine.

The creation of customized rings in the shape of flowers.

At the request of our customers and thanks to our know-how of diamond-jeweler, we also realize many unique pieces, customized creations according to the ideas, photos or sketches of our customers. As part of these fabrications, we are often asked for the realization of customized flower rings set with diamonds. And it's always a pleasure to revisit or personalize the motifs of lily flowers, lotus flowers, roses, clovers, camellia ... It's a bit like walking in the middle of a rose garden, and having fun looking for rose adorned with the most beautiful petals.

Custom creations with signed flower rings De Hantsetters

Just recently, we wanted to add a stone to our jewelry offering: create our own line of jewelry, signed De Hantsetters. Cornerstone of our diamond business, the diamond is especially one of the rarest wonders of nature. From this came the desire that the collection be inspired by both the theme of nature and rarity.
To express this marriage of the theme of nature and rarity, we have chosen two rare flowers that are born in the largest spaces and best embody this striking contrast between the fragility and strength of nature, its immensity and rarity: the Edelweiss and the Rose des Sables. The fragility and rarity of the Edelweiss flower that flourishes in the cold and greatness of the mountains. The fragility and rarity of a Rose of Sands that forms in the aridity and immensity of a desert.
From this desire to magnify at best the delicate and majestic beauty of nature, were born our first two diamond-set flower rings: the Terre d'Edelweiss ring and the Rose des Sables ring.

Flower ring in gold and colored diamonds

To sublimate and symbolize the colors and rarity of nature, we have chosen to crimp our rings of colored diamonds flowers, the rarest. We have favored diamonds of intense color, and add to the contrast by associating them with white diamonds of very high degree of white and of a great purity. The diamond pavings are all crimped down, for a tenfold brilliance of diamonds. The crimp of these two rings, by its finesse, is a real work of lace.
bague fleur or et diamants de couleur

Flower ring in white gold and black gold

On Edelweiss's Terre fleur ring, it's a real firework of light and color, with a bright yellow diamond in the center surrounded by a gradation of light brown diamonds and white diamonds. White diamonds are F VS grade. The yellow diamond gushes like a mountain sun, light and bright, on petals covered with white diamonds. The flower is placed on a bed of black gold, tinged with all the mysteries. On the ring, champagne-colored diamonds sparkle on black gold.

Pink gold flower ring

A generous and very feminine flower ring, with an ample movement in the forms, like a long sensual walk towards the horizon. Rose gold petals that seem shaped by nature, sanded or polished by the swirling winds of the desert.