30-Day Diamond guarantee


Diamond Guarantees


Reimbursement is guaranteed when you decide to return the merchandise within 30 days of receiving it. Compared to the 14 days legal right to renege.


The whole point of the website is to accompany you in your choice, so as to arrive to a connaisseur purchase. Your satisfaction must be the end point of this process.


The 30-Day guarantee provides you with a guarantee that applies to those who opt for the Internet Order (Internet Order, payment at the time of the order or Payment On Delivery).


The legal right to renege, as well as our 30-Day guarantee, its scope of application and its conditions of application, are explained in our General Sales Terms and Conditions


Conflict free diamonds, ethical diamonds.

Our manufacturing warrants that the diamonds covered by its invoices have been purchased in compliance with international law and the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on written guaranties provided by the suppliers of these diamonds. Only ethical diamonds can be qualified beautiful diamonds. Here too our philosophy "integrity inside, beauty outside" applies.


* The 30-Day guarantee lasts longer than the 14-day right to renege planned by the L121-20 article of the Consumption Code (French Law), which applies itself by right. This provides you with the necessary time of thought and guarantees the time of preparation for the return that may be undertaken.