What diamond criteria to favour ?


The beauty of a diamond : the combination of the 4 Cs... and you


The perceived beauty of the diamond is not the result of luck, but the result of a "whole", which includes the "4 Cs" (Carat, Cut, Colour, Clariy), as well as your subjective reaction to these.


4C : critères qualité du diamant


How to determine which combination of the "4 Cs" suits you best ?


The weight (expressed in carats) is the factor that influences most the price of the diamond. These two criteria, weight and price, usually precede the choice of quality.

Our diamond catalogue will acquaint you with the qualities of colour and clarity possible for a specied range of weight and price.

The choice of color and clarity are matter of personal preferences that can be grouped into broad categories (see below) of people and diamonds.

DEF / IF-VVS = the criteria of choice for those who want "simply the best"

DEF / VS-SI = the criteria of choice for the aficionados of "abolute white"

GHI / IF-VVS = the criteria of choice for the "purists" with at the extreme IF only

GHI / VS-SI = the criteria of choice for those who want "value for money"

JKL / SI-I1 = the criteria of choice for those who want to "maximize size"


qualité taille diamant


The 4th C, the quality of the cut is important in all cases:

The cut parameter is the variable that will determine the brilliance of the diamond.

For those who want top quality we recommend the "triple excellent or ideal cuts" although "very good" is already very good, and "good" means "good" and not bad...





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