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i-diamants, Antwerp diamantaires since 1988, and its associated partners jewelers in Paris and Nice present a choice of quality diamond rings that emphasize the beauty of the diamonds that are the heart of our business and our passion. You will find in our collections classic diamond rings and designer diamond rings. Among the classic diamond rings there are the classic engagement ring with 4, 5 or 6 claws, bezel diamond rings, with or without diamond paving on the body of the ring (presented on the page engagement rings). You will also find our very symbolic trilogy diamond rings,and the diamond engagement rings set with the so called fantasy shapes: the emerald cut diamond ring, princess cut diamond ring. Our jewelers creators also provide service for custom designes jewellery. Each diamond ring is unique. The diamond choice is yours with the assistance and advice of our diamond professionals.

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The symbolic power of the diamond ring makes it the perfect jewel to celebrate the beginnings of a couple, the arrival of a child, the anniversary of a wedding, the spark of a success or simply the want to please the elected of your heart ... To buy and offer an engagement ring to a woman, it is to register in the history and to continue it: the oldest of the History known to date have been dated 21000 years ago. From Prehistory to the present day, the wearing of jewelery by women is part of the history of humanity, which means that it makes sense. "Diamonds are eternal" said the slogan. Put your own white stone, the most precious of all: the white diamond set on a solitaire or paved diamond ring, offered to your destiny and made in one of the two most precious metals: gold and platinum. Silver being a less noble metal and not suited to precious stones. Note that we offer golds of different colors (white, yellow, pink, black ...) but still a titration of 18 carats (750 thousandths).
The choice of quality is paramount in the act of buying a diamond, and will, must, crystallize all the attention. It is the question of identity and authenticity that is at stake through the relationship between the real of the diamond and the "I" of the woman destined to wear the jewel. The importance given to the i-dentity is found in the "i" of i-Diamants who with the advice and help of its diamond experts helps you make this purchase of a diamond ring in the best conditions. To choose and buy a diamond cheaper than traditional jewelry, you can access the online catalog of white diamonds certified by gemological laboratories globally recognized as GIA, HRD and IGI. The certificate of authenticity comes with the diamond. For diamonds whose size is less than 0.30 carat, the quality of the stone is attested on invoice.
Our catalog is like a market place, a diamond exchange in Antwerp, with a competitive offer on prices but the most selective and refined possible so that you can find you there. Because the purchase of a diamond is a matter of price and carats, but must also be adapted to the size of the ring. On our online catalog, you can find the diamonds in the highest qualities of size, color and purity, those that are sold at Place Vendôme and in fine jewelery, but at a cheap internet price compared to a traditional jewelry store. You can use the "personalized request" form to communicate exactly what you want.
Our diamond jewelery is custom made according to the size of the stone and the size of the woman's fingertip. The manufacture of our jewelry (whatever the product, from the ring to the smallest earrings) is 100% French. Each frame in our collection can be made in white gold, yellow gold or 18k pink gold (750/000). All our models can be made in palladium white gold. On the other hand we do not make products in silver and / or with oxides. It is also important to emphasize that beyond the mounts offered on the site, the "custom request" can express your desire, model variants seen on our site or elsewhere (with for example more or less carats in the center or paving), and the total budget you want to devote to this achievement. On special request, we can also create frames with sapphire, ruby, emerald ... On the other hand we do not treat the demands of products with oxides.
Choosing and offering a jewel set with one or more diamonds is always an act of love and the strong symbol of commitment to a woman for eternity. Question of vocabulary, the engagement ring is called a solitaire when the frame is set with a single diamond, which is usually called a diamond solitaire. While the jewel offered for the wedding is an alliance, always set with a half turn or full round of white diamonds certified or not according to their weight. Depending on the size of the frame and for diamond paving, if the diamonds are not certified by an independent laboratory, then we certify their carat weight, their authenticity and their quality (color, purity ...) on the bill

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