Made-to-order creation

Do you dream of creating a custom-made jewel that reflects your personality?

  Jewelry creation

A jewel signs a look, an identity. It speaks and reveals delicacy, extravagance, sensuality...

Let's create together the one that will tell your story in beauty. You will live an experience of pure creation by surrounding yourself with our listening and our know-how.

The golden rule of our creative workshop: exclusivity. Each piece of jewelry is designed for you, only for you.

How to create a custom jewelry with i-diamants ?

  hand made ring i-diamants

1. Express your desires with a simple description, key words, a sketch or images that illustrate the jewel of your dreams. This first exchange allows us to understand the emotion you want to transmit with this jewel.

2. You receive a proposal with a free estimate. The price varies according to the stones and metals chosen, the work of design and manufacture of the jewel.

3. We draw a sketch board with proposals of shapes, volumes, stones and colors.

4. After the choice of the sketch which corresponds to your wishes, we carry out a technical drawing and a realistic 3D rendering which enables you to validate the aesthetics of the jewel.

5. Our jewelers give life to your jewel. The manufacturing is 100% French. The eye, the hand and the heart of the craftsman are the masterpieces of the quality and the soul of your jewel.


The values of this creation service are listening, know-how, modernity and exclusivity. Far from a simple personalization, the jewel realized will be "Your Jewel", reflection of your history and your personality. In this hymn to creation, a visual music is drawn where the custom-made beats its true measure.

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Passion, Authenticity, Expertise

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