Made-to-order creation



From sketch to manufacturing, an exclusive service for a bespoke jewel :


You dream of creating your own jewel ?

More than a personalized jewellery piece, do you imagine a customized, singular, unique jewel, that is perfectly matching your personnality ? Indeed, a jewel speaks for itself. It says the shy one, the extravagante one, the delicate one... A jewellery piece signs an allure, an identity. Together we will create the jewel that defines you the most and that tells your beauty. You will live a unique experience guided bt our expertise, our creativity and our sense of exclusivity. The golden rule of our bespoke jewellery service is exclusivity. Each piece is designed for you, only for you and you will find it nowhere else.



How does this bespoke jewellery service work ?


1 - Everything stars from your desire. Contact i-diamants by e-mail or by phone. Send us a sketch, a simple descriptio, some keywords or images that illustrate your idea of the perfect jewel. In this first stage of the process, we are really into a mood of communication, to understand as best as possible the emotion you want to live and convey with this unique piece of jewellery.

2 - We send you a proposal and a free quote. Price is case by case, depending on the chosen stones and metals, the jewellery design work and the number of hours that will be required for its manufacturing.


3 - Upon receipt of your agreement, we will submit you a sketch board with proposals of shapes, volumes, stones and colors.


4 - After choosing the sketch that matches your wishes, we are making a technical drawing and a realistic 3D photo. With the technical drawing, you validate the dimensions and proportions. With the 3D image, you validate the aesthetics of the jewel.


5 - Once the technical drawing and the 3D rendering have been validated, our craftsmen give life to your jewel. Our production is 100% French. The eye, the hand and heart of the craftsman are the cornerstones of the quality and soul of your jewel.


The values of this unique bespoke jewellery service are communication, expertise, modernity and exclusivity. This allows us to do a true bespoke jewellery, not just in the sense of personalization, but in the sense that the jewellery piece will be "Your Jewel" as a deep reflection of your history and your personality. In this hymn to creation emerges a visual music where bespoke beats his true measure.