Wedding Band Diamond

The diamond wedding bang brings to the diamond ring finger because, according to tradition, there is a nerve that connects the hand to the heart. The diamond wedding bang is the ultimate symbol of two destinies meet. The heart has spoken and the diamonds give a momentum of light echoes. The feeling then shines all the lights of the diamond wedding bang.

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Your selection Wedding Band Diamond - 24 Jewels

Wedding Band Half set   Diamond White Gold RUBAN

Wedding Band Diamond RUBAN

From 1308€

Wedding Band Half set Diamond White Gold RUBAN
Wedding Band Full set   Diamond White Gold PARIS DIAMOND LADY

Wedding Band Diamond PARIS DIAMOND LADY

From 3894€

Wedding Band Full set Diamond White Gold PARIS DIAMOND LADY
Wedding Band Half set   Diamond White Gold NOCEA

Wedding Band Diamond NOCEA

From 1938€

Wedding Band Half set Diamond White Gold NOCEA
Wedding Band Full set   Diamond White Gold RIBBON full set

Wedding Band Diamond RIBBON full set

From 1751€

Wedding Band Full set Diamond White Gold RIBBON full set
Wedding Band Half set   Diamond White Gold MELODY

Wedding Band Diamond MELODY

From 1638€

Wedding Band Half set Diamond White Gold MELODY
Wedding Band Half set   Diamond White Gold HARMONY

Wedding Band Diamond HARMONY

From 1638€

Wedding Band Half set Diamond White Gold HARMONY
Wedding Band Half set   Diamond White Gold SWEET

Wedding Band Diamond SWEET

From 940€

Wedding Band Half set Diamond White Gold SWEET
Wedding Band Half set   Diamond White Gold INFINITY

Wedding Band Diamond INFINITY

From 1116€

Wedding Band Half set Diamond White Gold INFINITY
Wedding Band Half set   Diamond White Gold 5

Wedding Band Diamond 5

From 992€

Wedding Band Half set Diamond White Gold 5
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Bespoke jewellery Customised request How to buy a Wedding Band Diamond

Your woman diamond wedding ring at the best price per carat


It is a ring, made of noble, precious material: gold or platinum and which can be decorated with diamonds. It is most often a wedding ring, worn on the ring finger of the left (or right) hand. It is worn on a daily basis. This ring is the symbol of a union, of an eternal love.


An unprecedented choice, made-to-measure, whatever the luxury wedding ring you are looking for. From the full diamond wedding ring to the half diamond wedding ring - a wide range is available for you to create or buy a wedding ring, a gold wedding ring. We offer the best experience for buying wedding rings online.


A diamond wedding ring is the result of a meticulous work of creation by our team of experienced diamond and jewelers.


We are at your disposal for any advice or information on where and how to choose / buy / create a custom wedding ring (D IF, G VS, HSI quality...). Possibility of presentation by appointment in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Paris and Antwerp. For more information or for an appointment, you can contact us at +33 (0)4 22 45 08 70.

Men's diamond wedding ring


To seal your love, a diamond ring is the perfect choice. Timeless and indestructible, the diamond is a stone that will reflect the power of your love and your pledge to unite you for eternity. In white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver, your diamond ring can be designed with modern and elegant rare metals.

Full circle diamond wedding band Ribbon


This full-circle diamond wedding band is ideal for those who are looking for fine lines and proportions, while keeping a high diamond content so as not to sacrifice the brilliance of the ring. This model can be made in 18k (750/000) white gold or 18k (750/000) yellow gold. Upon special request, we can also provide you with a quote for this full circle diamond wedding band in 950/000 platinum. The number and weight of the diamonds are at your choice. A complete description is available under each diamond for a better finishing and a greater brilliance of the diamonds. Custom made in France, with the greatest respect for the traditions and know-how of French jewelry. This extra fine diamond wedding ring will be subtle and elegant.

  diamond wedding ring complete tour

Sweet half turn diamond wedding ring


The Sweet wedding ring is the perfect wedding ring for those who are looking for a wedding ring in the first prices without sacrificing nevertheless on the quality of manufacture and on that of diamonds. Indeed, this wedding ring is manufactured by our workshops in France, with an irreproachable quality of completion. The diamonds offered are of F color (extra white+) and VS clarity (very small inclusions visible only with a magnifying glass), and of a very good quality of cut. This model is available as a half round white gold diamond wedding band and as a half round yellow gold diamond wedding band, in order to meet your desires. Thus, we wanted to offer you a wedding ring at a reasonable price, accessible, but meeting our quality requirements. This wedding ring can be made in white or yellow gold 18 karats (750/000). Ideal if you are looking for a cheap wedding ring.

  half turn diamond wedding ring sweet

Baguette diamond wedding ring


For those who love the classic contemporary style, the baguette diamond wedding ring is a particularly suitable piece of jewelry. The shape of baguette cut diamonds is indeed rectangular at right angles, giving a very geometric shape, both classic and contemporary. More modern than the emerald cut, this form of baguette diamond gives the jewelry pure and straightforward lines, especially well suited for women of character who are not looking for extravagance but an assertive elegance without being ostentatious. This woman's gold wedding ring can be made to measure, in full or half rounds, in 18K white, yellow or pink gold (750/000), or in 950/000 platinum. The dimensions of the baguette diamonds may vary. It all depends on the width and thickness you want. It is best to contact us for a custom quote.

  baguette diamond wedding ring

An 18 carat gold diamond wedding ring


1) We offer a choice of classic gold or platinum wedding rings, with diamonds, in contemporary luxury for women and a choice of men's wedding rings on request. Among our options, you can choose the gold diamond wedding ring, namely the white gold diamond wedding ring, the yellow gold diamond wedding ring and the two gold diamond wedding ring, or the platinum diamond wedding ring. N.B.: we do not make silver rings.


2) The manufacturing of the wedding rings is French. Whether it is a full diamond wedding band or a half diamond wedding band, the realization of the diamond wedding band is made to measure, with a high quality finish.


3) For each of our diamond wedding ring models (ribbon diamond wedding ring, wedding diamond ring, round diamond wedding ring, diamond effect...), you can request a quote with a personalized choice of the diamond content (carat weight and quality of the diamonds) which largely determines the price of the diamond wedding ring.


The manufacture of a custom-made wedding ring for women (princess diamond wedding ring, ribbon diamond wedding ring, ...) requires the constitution of a rigorously homogeneous and calibrated line of diamonds.

A yellow gold diamond wedding ring


This noble material is traditionally associated with the world of jewelry. Yellow gold is very resistant and solid, it is perfectly adapted to jewels intended to be worn daily, such as engagement rings and wedding rings. The rose gold version is softer and more discreet.

A white gold diamond wedding ring for women


White gold is a noble material, widely used in jewelry and appreciated for its solidity. Thanks to its neutral color, it adapts to all skin tones. But a white gold wedding ring for women goes perfectly with all skin types.

A rose gold diamond wedding ring


See life in pink with a pink gold diamond wedding ring. Reflecting happiness and pure love, the color of this precious metal is one of the greatest references in jewelry. A perfect alternative to yellow and white gold, rose gold also has the advantage of blending with all precious stones. Sapphire, ruby, emerald, the harmony is there. But when it is used to highlight a diamond, the combo is simply perfect.

A wedding ring


The wedding is a symbolic event in the life of a couple, it represents the conjugal union of two people. Traditionally, a beautiful engagement ring is given at the time of the proposal.

Wide range of diamond wedding ring for couple


The diamond wedding ring is THE wedding ring that we receive when we exchange our vows. It is a jewel that we will never leave you. Once worn on your finger, it officially seals your union. The ring and its diamond will shine with all their brilliance forever. On the online store, we offer a wide selection of models to discover below but you can also contact us for a personalized request.

Princess diamond wedding ring


With the success of the Noces wedding ring, its sister was born some time later, which takes on the same gold shapes but adapts them to another style of diamond: princess cut diamonds. These diamond wedding rings are irresistible, and many are those who are attracted by this diamond cut. In addition to the name "Princess" which is a simple and magical way to name a diamond, princess diamonds appeal because they are decidedly modern. The line is pure and sober, it can compete with the timeless class of a round brilliant diamond. On special request, this princess ring can also be made in a full round and in platinum 950/000.

  half turn diamond wedding ring princess

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Diamond heart wedding ring


You dream of an alliance that resonates with meaning! The Choeur de Coeurs alliance is made for you. The heart, cradle of love, beats to the rhythm of the vibrations of light. "Without elegance of heart, there is no elegance" said Yves Saint Laurent. Made in France, with the greatest respect for the practices of French jewelry, this diamond heart alliance is an ode to Love. The configuration of the diamonds can be custom made according to your quality requirements and budget. For heart diamonds, we recommend to be very demanding on the quality, both on the color, purity and size of diamonds. 

  diamond heart wedding ring

Emerald and diamond wedding band


A wedding ring with Emerald cut diamonds is almost a bias: could there be anything classier, more sober, more timeless than the round brilliant diamond? Yes, perhaps the emerald cut diamond... If the emerald cut diamond is undoubtedly less brilliant than the round diamond (also known as "brilliant" cut), it is a "sizeable" rival in terms of distinguished elegance. Rectangular with a large facet in the middle, its four cut corners and other symmetrical facets make it a masterpiece of balance, in a very French classical style. For those who are passionate about this form of diamond, the Emerald wedding ring for women or men will be a beautiful expression of it, all in refinement and sobriety. 

  emerald tour diamond wedding ring

Diamond wedding ring Femme de Paris


It is a worldwide reputation that the women of Paris symbolize the elegance and charm of the French. We had to dedicate them a model wedding ring: a gold and diamond wedding ring. We chose to make it in the form of a full circle wedding band because the woman of Paris is above all brilliant. The diamonds have been spaced out from each other and all set with claws in order to leave as much space and light as possible to each diamond. The goal of this diamond wedding ring is to be like the Parisian lady: resplendent! The full turn diamond wedding ring represents the luxury wedding ring for women.

  diamond wedding ring woman of Paris

Diamond wedding ring with ribbon setting


The Ruban diamond wedding band is the little sister of the full circle diamond wedding band. In half-turn rather than full-turn like its big sister, this gold and diamond wedding band will be an ideal first wedding band for a young couple, thanks to its small price accessible to most people, while keeping the look of its big sister. The choice of diamonds, as well as the quality of its finishing, are of the same quality as the full circle wedding ring, with updates under each diamond of the grain setting to increase the brilliance. Made in France, this wedding ring is the ideal wedding gift, symbol of a love story at the beginning. This half turn diamond wedding ring will sublimate your hand.

  wedding ring set with grain ribbon

Claw-set diamond wedding band Mélodie


One of the great classics of the diamond wedding ring: the claw wedding ring. A must-have model in a style that gives pride of place to diamonds. The claws are made as discreet as possible to leave the first place to the diamond. A maximum of light is released to make each of the diamonds of this claw-set half-circle wedding ring shine with a thousand lights, in white or yellow gold 750/000. This model will perfectly match your set of necklaces and earrings. This ring is the ultimate wedding band that symbolizes eternal love in a timeless style. The diamond claw wedding ring represents the class and elegance of the great classics!

  Melody diamond ring

Diamond wedding ring set rail Noces


This wedding ring has the freshness and sweetness of a wedding night, it breathes the charms of the beginnings. Luminous, the yellow gold diamond wedding ring set with a rail will be the ideal wedding ring if you are a fan of gold jewelry. Because in this ring, gold is sacred and plays on equal terms with diamonds. For this full-circle diamond wedding ring set in rail, everything has been done to balance a perfect union between gold and diamond, where each has its place and where the light of one is reflected in the other. A delightful wedding between gold and diamond. In white or yellow gold, this wedding ring set with diamonds has made its own this motto: "Luxury, calm and pleasure".

  wedding ring diamond Noces

Belle Epoque Riviera diamond wedding ring


If you also idealize this great era of the French Riviera, where beautiful ladies walked under their parasols along the Bay of Angels, this model full tour diamond ring is for you. This diamond ring sublimates classicism by giving it all its brilliance. In white or yellow gold, adorned with all its diamonds, it competes with the sunlight of the Riviera. Made in France, it can also be made in platinum upon request.
We invite you to contact us to determine together, according to your finger size, the combination of diamonds that best suits your budget and your quality requirements.

  belle époque riviera diamond wedding ring

The price of a cheap wedding ring to seduce you


All year long, we strive to offer you a cheap wedding ring price, whether it is during sales, black friday and during the holidays, Christmas or Valentine's Day, you will always find your jewel at the best price on our online store, which most items are available in stock all year. N.B : we do not make silver rings.

Your diamond jeweler and wedding ring manufacturer on the internet


I- diamants, diamond professionals and jeweler established since 1946 in the famous diamond place in Antwerp, world capital of diamonds, ensures this work from Antwerp. The purchase of a gold wedding ring with diamond is possible on physical presentation - Tradition Formula - or at distance - Internet Order - on our website jeweler who has the concern to be the best jewelry site for diamond wedding rings.


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