Diamond Certificates (GIA, IGI, HRD)



Recognized certificates : GIA, IGI and HRD


In order to know the quality of a diamond when you are not a professional, it is necessary to dispose of information that can only be found on the certificate.


The diamond certificate is a guarantee, protecting you against arbitrariness, guarding you from ignorance and thus deception.  And it drives the price.

It goes without saying that a certificate is only valuable if it is recognised within the profession. The following certificates have an excellent reputation : HRD, IGI and GIA


diamant certifié GIA

diamant certificat IGI

diamant certifié HRD

The HRD and IGI laboratories offer the possibility of delivering “sealed diamond” certificates (diamonds sealed in a transparent polyester box). Laserincription of the cert number is an option.


diamant sous scellé


The GIA laboratory delivers diamonds enclosed in a paper parcel: a micro laser inscription is placed on the girdle of the diamond with its certificate number and the logo of the GIA laboratory.




All our high quality diamonds, usually starting with 0,30 carats diamonds, are delivered with a numbered certificate


(*) The certificate maintains its importance even if the seal has been opened. A competent jeweller can easily establish the link. Most professionals even prefer the certificate to be open in order to examine the stone more freely and to be able to appreciate its “life”.


Laser marking


A micro laser inscription is placed on the girdle of the diamond with its certificate number and the logo of the laboratory. This is also known as “branding”.


inscription numero certificat HRD sur rondiste du diamant


Laboratories such as IGI and HRD offer this micro inscription (it is invisible without a 10x magnifying glass) as optional. 


Attention : the inscription is so small (in order to maintain the clarity of the stone) that it is hardly visible with the 10x magnifying glass. For novices, the laboratory’s seal is a visible proof of the concordance between the quality of the sealed diamond and its certificate;


Purists are against this inscription on the very pure IF and VVS stones – the laser inscription was invented for highly valuable stones in case of theft. 


Diamonds < 0,30 carat


For smaller brilliants, we do not do a certification, unless there is an explicit demand for it (it is too expensive compared to the value of small brilliants). As long as small brilliant prices remains reasonable, we advise you to “put good money” into it: choose quality (F colour, VS clarity and above all a good cut). The market is flooded with mediocre quality and badly cut stones; a good deal, but the diamond looses some of its brightness.


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