Diamond Certificates (GIA, IGI, HRD)

Most recognized certificates: GIA, HRD and IGI


To know the quality of a diamond without being a professional, it is necessary to have the information described in the certificate. The certificate is indispensable as a guarantor, protecting you from arbitrariness, protecting you from ignorance and therefore from possible deception, because a price is derived from it.

It goes without saying that a certificate is only of value if it is recognized in the profession. In our diamond catalog, we exclusively offer diamonds accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and quality issued by one of the 3 most prestigious and recognized laboratories worldwide: GIA, HRD and IGI. In our article which criteria of quality to privilege for your diamond, we help you to identify the criteria which correspond to you best.

  HRD Certificate
  GIA Certificate
  IGI Certificate

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  Diamond under seal

The certificate from the GIA laboratory delivers the diamonds under folded and not sealed but with the laser inscription of the certificate number on the roundel. This inscription can be made on request for IGI or HRD certified diamonds as well, offering the possibility of a double guarantee of conformity (seal and laser inscription).

Beware of certificates of convenience such as AIG, EGL... ( not recognized in the profession ) proposed with low prices. It is necessary to compare what is comparable...

All our high quality diamonds from 0.30 carat are delivered with the numbered GIA, HRD or IGI certificate, and can be delivered under HRD or IGI seal by the laboratory in a rigid plastic pouch. The certificate retains its importance even if the seal has been opened. A competent jeweler can easily establish the match between the diamond and the certificate. Most professionals even prefer the open certificate so that they can freely examine the diamond and appreciate its "life".

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  Diamond laser marking

Laser marking (inscription of the diamond certificate number)

Micro laser inscription of the certificate number on the diamond roundel with the GIA laboratory logo.

Also called "marking" or "branding" in English.

Laboratories such as IGI and HRD offer this micro inscription as an option (invisible without the use of a magnifying glass).


The inscription is very small (to preserve the purity of the stone) that it is very difficult to read even with a 10X magnifying glass. For the neophyte, the laboratory seal is a more visible proof of the concordance between the quality of the sealed diamond and its certificate. Purists are against this inscription for very pure stones, IF and VVS - the laser inscription was invented for high value stones for identification purposes in case of theft. Note that a thief can easily remove the inscription by having a diamond cutter put a small facet on the roundel.


  Laser inscription

Diamonds < 0.30 carat


For smaller brilliants (< 0.30 carat), certification is not done systematically (expensive compared to the price of small brilliants). Since the price of small brilliants remains moderate, we recommend that you "put the price on it": to choose quality (F color, VS clarity and especially a good size), the market is "flooded" with poor quality and badly cut stones, cheap, but the diamonds lose their brilliance.

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