Diamond Colour




Information about the colour of the diamond


The great majority of diamonds are classified in the category known as “cape”, which varies from the perfectly colourless (white) to a slight yellow tint.


D Exceptional White + formerly known as "Jager"

E Exceptional White form. "River"

F Extra White +

G Extra White form. "Top Wesselton"

For these colours demand a recognised certificate (GIA, HRD or IGI) testifying the quality of these rare whites.

H White form. "Wesselton"
I Slightly tinted white form. "Top Crystal"

These are very beautiful whites (called “near colourless”), above the “commercial” quality. A certificate is always recommended.


J Slightly tinted white form. "Crystal"
K/L Tinted form. "Top Cape"

These colour diamonds still seem white to the naked eye for non professionals if they are of a small size (below 0,10 ct) but beyond this, a colour saturation is noticeable.

M And below:
tinted, very pale yellow "light cape, cape, dark cape"

Fluorescence : fluorescence is a luminous effect that happens with only few diamonds when they are exposed to ultraviolet rays.






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