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At, you will find a simple and user-friendly space for the purchase of certified diamonds with knowledge and confidence.
Learn first how to become familiar with the criteria that define the quality of a diamond. To choose a diamond is above all to understand. In our diamond guide you will find a dedicated page for each of the 4 criteria (weight, color, purity, size).
On our website, we offer a catalog selling diamonds (0.30 carat ... 0.50 carat ... 0.70 carat to 1 carat and more). Each diamond is documented in a "diamond sheet" with visualization of the diamond certificate, including all the characteristics noted by the gemologists of the laboratories.
All our 0.30 carat diamonds are GIA, HRD or IGI certified, and we certify that they are of legitimate origin in accordance with UN resolutions and the Kimberley Process. They can be set on a jewel of our collection (solitaire, ring, wedding ring, pendant, earrings and diamond bracelet). A quality jewelery collection, in gold or platinum. For wedding, engagement, or other great moment of life. On request, we also create tailor-made and / or personalized jewelery creations.
For more information, you can contact our customer service provided only by professional diamond dealers who will answer all your questions before the validation of a diamond purchase on our site completely secure for the payment and delivery of your diamond bought online.

Where to buy a diamond? Why on the Internet?

If the traditional jewelry and the enclosure of a famous brand of fine jewelery remain the most classic destinations where to buy a diamond, it is on the sites of online sale that you will probably find the best quality / price ratio.
In order to be able to buy a diamond at the best price / quality ratio, there is also a need for transparency on prices and quality criteria, as well as a wide choice and valuable expert advice.
The Internet offers all these benefits at your fingertips. You will learn what quality criteria are used to evaluate the price of a diamond. You will be able to browse many catalogs of online sales of diamonds, with prices displayed in complete transparency.
At i-diamants, diamonteers since 1888 (4 generations), we offer, in addition to access to a large catalog of diamonds at very competitive prices and advice by mail or phone, selections favorite of diamonds sorted under the magnifying glass, our core business.

How to buy a diamond online?

Buying a diamond is not a purchase of impulse but a thoughtful purchase: it is important to compare several diamonds and weigh the pros and cons.
It is common to hear that to buy a diamond it is better to see it, to be sure of its choice. But the essential is invisible for non-expert eyes. Determining the degrees of whiteness and purity remains a professional job. Many inclusions are invisible to the naked eye without a magnifying glass with X10 magnification and the expert eye of a diamond dealer. And the shades of color are sometimes subtle. It is difficult to evaluate the quality of the brilliance of a diamond without the habit of seeing and comparing it regularly. If you are demanding, choose is after understanding.
The characteristics that determine the price and quality of a diamond must therefore be thoroughly explored. They are called 4C: Carat (carat weight), Clarity (degree of purity), Color (degree of white color), Cut (quality of size). On these criteria do not rely on the declarations or certificates of this or that reseller. Always prefer the independent and internationally recognized rating of the 3 most prestigious gemological laboratories: GIA, IGI, HRD.
To buy a diamond accompanied by one of these 3 certificates will be for you the guarantee of the authenticity and the quality of your diamond. You will know with certainty what color, what purity is your diamond. You will know the exact weight in carat and all the parameters that define the quality of its size: finish, symmetry ...
Beyond the 4C, the 5th C of confidence is just as important. The foundations of this trust are fragile, valuable and based on 3 elements in our opinion: the advice of a diamond dealer, transparency on quality through certificates, and the security of a website regarding payment and delivery methods.

What are the three most common occasions to buy a diamond?

There are many precious moments in life to offer jewelry adorned with diamonds. Below we listed the most common. But every opportunity is good for this magic stone to reflect the wonderful flame of love! You can also read our article "when and how to buy a diamond?"
Among the most common occasions are the engagement ring, the wedding wedding ring and the diamond pendant for the birth of a child:

The engagement ring

It is the diamond jewel par excellence. And for many, the first purchase of a diamond. Symbol of the rarity and uniqueness of Love, man generally offers a solitary ring, with a single diamond set in the center. Of all the precious stones, the diamond brings to the highest the brilliance and the strength of the amorous feeling. The solitary mount has for mission to put as much value as possible the diamond. Hence the lasting success for decades of the classic diamond claw (4, 5 or 6 claws) whose light and timeless style sublimates the fires of stone set in its center. Most of the solitary diamonds are made with a diamond of brilliant size, of which no other size has been able to dethrone the majesty so far. The round shape is indeed the size that gives the most brilliance to a diamond by the game facets.

Wedding alliance

There is no marriage without a covenant, a symbol of eternal love because of its ring-like form without beginning and without end. There are many models of wedding rings: all gold without any stone, set with precious stones or precious stones. But the most symbolic is the diamond alliance because it means all the rarity of the union. For this jewel, all forms of diamonds are used. The round brilliant diamond remains the most common choice for wedding rings, but we also make many alliances with diamonds of princess, emerald, heart size ... An alternation of stone shapes is also possible, with for example an alternation round diamonds, baguette diamonds. The combinations are multiple. That said, the brilliant-cut diamond remains by far the most sparkling, so it should be preferred if you are looking for the brilliance of the frame.

The diamond pendant

It is often offered as a gift at the time of a birth of a girl because it has the advantage of being able to be passed from the mother to the girl (at her 18 years) without worries of setting size. On this occasion, the father usually offers a solitaire diamond pendant. The diamond is then the centerpiece of the pendant, and the mount is the most discreet possible to highlight the brilliance of the stone. Hence the great success of models diamond pendants claws (3 or 4 claws). Timeless and elegant design, this type of frame is great for any type of outfit, especially with tailors.