Diamond Carat



Diamond weight : 1 carat = 0,20 gramme


poids diamant


The diamond: derived from adamas invincible, as the Greeks referred to it. The diamond is the hardest existing mineral, chemically unalterable, and it has exceptional optical qualities (2,45 light refraction index). Symbol of love and eternity: Indestructible Desire. A diamond, as a mass - of white light -,  cannot be illustrated by a picture : any representation is below reality.


And what the eye preceives is not the weight but a diameter. Carats, as a unit of measure, measure the weight, not the diameter . A 1 carat diamond is not twice as large as a 0.50 carat diamond, a merely 25% to 30%  (see the table at the right), but costs more than double. A diamond does not weigh much, but carats is the factor that "weighs" most on the price.


The volume of the round brilliant, which varies depending on the weight, also has an influence on the perceived brilliance. We advocate neither too small nor too big, with am emphasis for diamonds from around half a carat to one and a half carat, with a very beautiful cut.


Two diamonds of the same carat weight often have a very different value, it all depends on their quality (cut grade, colour, clarity).


dimensions diamant en mm


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