About us


Tradition and know-how


The "Who, What and Where" behind the diamonds : A family working in the diamond business for 4 generations : the foundations of our expertise and ethical values.


Presence in France in Nice and Paris, on the web with i-diamants since 1999.


We keep high the tradition and know-how of the famous Antwerp world diamond center. 


Frans De Hantsetters (1888)




Diamond cutter and co-founder of De Hantsetters & Verhaere (DHV), specialized in the cut and selling of diamonds in Antwerp.Installation after the war at the "Diamantclub van Antwerpen" in the famous Pelikaanstraat, the company takes off driven by economic recovery and strong U.S. demand.


Hendrik De Hantsetters (1924)


diamantaire anvers


Under the direction of Hendrik De Hantsetters and Jan Verhaere the company De Hantsetters & Verhaere (DHV) stands out as a major player in Antwerp especially known for its manufacturing of "fine cut"

DHV becomes "sightholder of De Beers in 1969 (special clients of the giant mining group De Beers)



Willy De Hantsetters (1953)


diamantaire anvers france


Founder of i-diamants.com in 1999, first French diamond website created by diamond professionnals in France. Associate of De Hantsetters & Verhaere (DHV) in Antwerp with  participation in the highly innovative computer aided design  "Diamcad" company. Willy initiates partnerships between i-diamants and jewellery designers and workshops combining the excellence of both.


Sami De Hantsetters (1978)




HEC Paris graduate student in 2003 and seller at De Hantsetters & Verhaere (DHV), he has helped developping i-diamants since 2008 by providing an increased presence on the web and high selectivity of diamonds and jewelry.