'Diamant' Christine Gordon's book

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'Diamant' Christine Gordon's book-1

The quest from Solid Rocks to the Magic of Diamonds

Author: Christine Gordon - Publisher: Citadels & Mazenod
Release Date: 22/10/2008 - Language: French
Format: Paperback - 432 pages (in red box)
Dimensions: 31.3 x 31.3 x 5.5 cm - Weight: 4.72 kg

This book is the best book ever written on the history of the diamond, from its origins to the most beautiful ornaments. Sublime illustrations in large format 32x32cm. 432 pages littered with quotations.

A book with the aesthetics and pedagogy of a true art book ... Without doubt, the favorite reading of i-diamants

Chapters of the book:
Diamonds, an ancient history / Countries of the diamond / Extraction / The diamond trade / Processing of rough diamonds / The quality assessment / Creative Jewels / Celebrities and diamonds / Technology and the future

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