The horizon at your fingertips

The greatest luxury: to marvel again and again


The De Hantsetters jewelry brand was born out of the need to express a certain vision of luxury: an immoderate taste for wonder. For isn't the most precious of our faculties to be able to marvel? Time stops, suspended as if in a dream.

The mind is transported beyond the ordinary, to a world full of surprises, of gifts that the present offers us.


Imagined as a travel diary, the De Hantsetters jewelry brand is a call to adventure, a hymn to nature as the inexhaustible source of wonder and inspiration. Each piece of De Hantsetters jewelry is a passport to the feeling of immensity, fullness and eternity.


The great spaces, like the great loves, leave us speechless at first. Surprised, amazed, we are like subjugated. In these exceptional moments, we become children again, our eyes wide open, all our senses alert, with the desire not to miss anything. The sensation is unique.

The charm is indefinable. Reality meets imagination. The best descriptions fail to convey the full flavor.

Only a creation can try to give back to this moment of grace its true nature, its true magic. Each piece of jewelry signed De Hantsetters seeks a single luxury: placed on a woman's finger, the jewel must transport her in the blink of an eye to the enchanted world of the great outdoors...

The imprint of a horizon

  Borrowing from a horizon

The De Hantsetters brand takes you to untouched lands where nature still reigns and the colors of the horizon land on your finger.

Each De Hantsetters jewel is signed with a colored diamond and is designed like a talisman that calls to dreams and memories. "L'empreinte d'un horizon" symbolizes this magical bridge between life and dream, past and future, tangible and intangible.

Each creation embodies the passion of an enchanting nature from which always springs a marvel to tell with the fingertips. Love sketches a horizon, the jewel is the imprint of it.

The De Hantsetters jewelers perpetuate a family history of four generations of diamond makers in Antwerp, Belgium, the world center of diamonds. Each piece of jewelry is made with the highest standards in the selection of colored diamonds and in the work of the jeweler in the workshop.

  Edelweiss collection

Terre d'Edelweiss ring

Sublimated by the Terre d'Edelweiss ring, the woman wears all the exaltation of the summits at her fingertips.

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  Terre d'Edelweiss poem
  rose des sables collections

Rose des Sables ring

When evening comes, she points to the horizon and lets the sun set on the Rose des Sables ring as if on a bed of dunes.

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  rose des sables poem

Artisanal manufacture


The golden fingers of French jewelry

De Hantsetters means in old Flemish: those who set ("setters") by hand ("de hant").

Each piece of De Hantsetters jewelry is made with a very high standard of craftsmanship, handmade in the workshop. The craft of jewellery making is a noble French know-how and a legacy. Our will is to continue to dedicate a true cult to this craft lived as an art.

  drawing ring
  hand of artisan

The first two rings of the De Hantsetters brand, Terre d'Edelweiss and Rose des Sables, require all the know-how of French jewelry. Both are made like three-piece suits. Only years of experience in the jeweler's trade can make them.

The diamonds are all set in a descended setting, for a tenfold brilliance of the diamonds. The setting of Terre d'Edelweiss, by its finesse, is a real work of lace. On Rose des Sables, it is the assembly of the different petals that is particularly delicate, with golds to be sanded and golds to be polished, in parts that are sometimes very difficult to access.

These are refined jewels, where the underside is as beautiful as the top. No space is left to chance. Golden fingers have embroidered them. The smallest detail has been refined with an expert and passionate hand.

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