Diamond Values



The diamond is the hardest existing mineral, it will enter your family patrimony forever. Man passes, and the diamond remains to pass on the memory of feelings it carries within. Every diamond is filled with history. The eternity of a diamond is a historical truth, it really is the constant presence of the past. The imperishable trace of the making of a universe.

It is because of this characteristic and its time-defying facet that it isparadoxically one of the cheapest luxury goods: it will never wear away, it does not need any maintenance, and it will never go out of fashion.

A good that gathers value with time, that is something rare to find….In a world marked by the fast obsolescence everything, the diamond brings you eternity. It answers our need for continuity.




The diamond is the little outer indication of wealth and taste, that neither deceives nor burdens. A little sign for a big impression : the diamond is admired and it fascinates, it imposes its presence.




The value of the diamond belongs to those who possess genuine wealth, the faculty of marvelling at the imperishable beauty of the diamond. A splendorous beauty which suits Mankind in its search for the divine. Understanding the conjunction of radiance  with eternity is answering the question about the value of objects.




You do not need a fortune to begin with, but rather the fortune of being loved. Start with a stone that is modest, but of quality, and let time increase the value of your diamond patrimony, through the growing pleasure its possession provides you with..

Each diamond is like each individual: unique. We can help you find the one that suits you best.

“A diamond just for You” is possible with i-diamants.




Nowadays, it is unthinkable to either acquire or sell a diamond of value without it being accompanied by an (inter)nationally recognised certificate. This certificate is a real identity card for the diamond. It contains a detailed description of its main qualitative characteristics; that is to say, the parameters that determine the diamond’s value.

Therefore, there are no unpleasant surprises, but only all the assurance that such a purchase deserves.


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