How does one become a diamond dealer ?

Becoming a diamond dealer, a profession of excellence


To become an expert in luxury jewelry and to fulfill the various missions entrusted to the diamond cutter, you must first be aware that this is not a job like any other. It is an art. An art of precision, so that the magic of the purest diamonds sets with refinement the most beautiful cases. The lapidary is this expert able to detect the quality criteria of a diamond and to imagine it shining among the most beautiful jewels.

How does one become a diamond dealer?


A true art and craft profession, its teaching is offered and provided by various establishments that teach all the rudiments of the perfect stone cutter for all levels of study.

After the third grade: the CAP Lapidary option diamond


Diamond cutting and polishing techniques are at the heart of this two-year diploma course, which alternates between theory and practical work in a jewelry company. This diploma allows the worker to know everything about stone cutting, from crystallization to the use of the right cutting tools and to have notions of cleavage, sawing and cutting. He is capable at the end of his training to recognize and repair the most damaged stones. He is also able to make technical and artistic drawings in 3 dimensions. In order to improve after the CAP, his acquired skills allow him to integrate a complementary mention. This advanced program deals with setting techniques and allows him to acquire additional expertise and a solid experience in design that will be very valuable for the continuation of his career.

After the baccalaureate: the Bachelor Gemmologue Expert


This degree is offered by the National Institute of Gemology (ING) in Paris or Lyon. It takes place over three years after the baccalaureate, where the future diamond cutter learns to identify and then recognize the most beautiful stones and gems used in fine jewelry. The program includes the history of gems and stones, commercial, artistic and marketing techniques, and practical training in a laboratory for 12 months. At the end of the three years, candidates can prepare for the competitive examination to obtain a European diploma. Admissions are based on an entrance exam, there are few places available, so unfailing motivation is essential. This diploma provides a high level of certification in managerial skills aimed at carrying out trading, expertise and creation activities. After the Expert Gemmologist license, the diamond certificate given by the ING can be an additional asset to perfect one's knowledge.

An exciting job, but what are the opportunities?


The jewelry sector is in constant expansion and all the major houses in the luxury industry surround themselves with talented craftsmen who are passionate about their work. Each professional course is unique, as are the diamonds. From the CAP Lapidary to the Bachelor's degree, the world of jewelry needs qualified experts capable of working with the most beautiful specimens. It is a rich profession where the observation of stones is dedicated to a true cult: that of beauty. However, a good lapidary is a man or woman who is passionate about cutting precious stones, who knows how to adapt to the new conditions of the diamond market and anticipate world demand. It is a demanding job where many trips are required to understand the extraction of this exceptional stone. The journey of a diamond, from its extraction site to the diamond dealer's laboratory, until it is set in gold, reminds us that the Earth is the mother and guardian of this treasure. And that the diamond dealer is slowly coming out of his torpor. Thus one becomes a diamond dealer first by passion, then by a long hard work to be at the height of this most brilliant stone.


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