Diamond White Gold Engagement ring DIAM

The DIAM solitaire has a purity and simplicity specific to diamonds, "simplicity is the supreme sophistication" said Leonardo da Vinci. Weight and quality of the diamond according to your choice. Exclusively natural diamonds and quality certified by GIA, HRD or IGI. Crimping and French manufacture.

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White Gold with palladium 18 carats (750/1000)
Average gold weight : 3,50 grams
Made in France - Handmade
Gold eagle head hallmark + manufacturing workshop hallmark
Comes with jewellery box (without i-diamants logo)
Optional jewel engraving (N.B: no i-diamants engraving or logo)
​​Set with a natural, certified and engraved diamond of your choice in step 2/3 of this page
​GIA, HRD or IGI certificates

30-day money back guarantee

Free shipping for France, Monaco and EEC countriesi

Secured paymenti

Payment on delivery : 35% at the order and balance upon reception

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I choose my setting's metal : White Gold with palladium 18 carats (750/1000)

840 € TTC

(Price of the jewel alone)

step 2/3

I associate a diamond with my setting

I define my budget for the diamond  Within this budget, I choose my natural, certified and engraved diamond from the selections below.

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Engagement ring Classics Diamond White Gold DIAM

Payment, delivery and guarantees

30-day money back guarantee

Free shipping for France, Monaco and EEC countriesi

Secured paymenti

Payment on delivery : 35% at the order and balance upon reception

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Diamond White Gold Engagement ring DIAM

White Gold with palladium 18 carats (750/1000)

840 €


option : I would like to have my jewel engraved with a laser (+ 20 €)



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or 3 x free of chargei

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Setting 840 €



Description and information

Diamond Engagement ring DIAM, selling price according to carat and diamond quality

Solitaire diamond Diam. Model available in 18-carat white, yellow or pink gold (750/000) or in platinum (950/000). Gold weight: +/- 2 to 3 grams depending on the chosen diamond and the size of the finger. Width of the ring in proportion to the diameter of the chosen diamond. For example for a diamond of 5 mm in diameter (0.50 carat), the width of the ring is 2 mm wide. Our jewels are set in France by setters with French know-how to guarantee quality and solidity.

Solitaire set with a natural diamond of your choice, quality certified by the GIA, HRD or IGI laboratory. The highlighting of the diamond evokes the radiance of a passion, the sober and refined style recalls the harmony of a love. Diamond carat weight, color and clarity, cut qualities and other specifications detailed on the certificate of authenticity delivered with your jewel. French made. Handmade to measure, this Diam diamond solitaire with four claws is delivered in a luxury box.

The resizing and the associated costs (reshipping of the jewel) are offered on all our solitaires, rings and alliances within 30 days of receipt of your package for all errors in the size of the finger of a maximum of 2 numbers of sizer (for example, resizing a ring from 50 to 52 is possible as well as resizing from 50 to 48, while resizing a ring from 50 to 53 or from 50 to 47 will be provided that this is technically possible without distorting the aesthetics of the jewel or weakening it).

Manufacturing and delivery time: 3 weeks. "Satisfied or refunded" guarantee 30 days from the date of receipt of the package. Secure payment by credit card, credit card 3X free of charge, Paypal, American Express, bank transfer or check. Free, insured and secure delivery. Choice of delivery method: by La Poste in Declared Value (very secure circuit created for jewelers) or by private carrier.

​White gold, timeless color and perfectly matched to the diamond of your jewel Diamond White Gold Engagement ring DIAM

​White gold is the most contemporary, it represents 80% of what we sell on our site and what is sold in jewellery. Its color is timeless and goes perfectly with white diamonds. White gold is an alloy of 75% pure gold, therefore yellow, and 25% white metals (especially silver). The color of this alloy is a pale yellow white. The white color of the finished jewel is obtained by rhodium plating, as a surface treatment. This layer of rhodium which whitens the gold wears off over time. Pale yellow gold can reappear with wear, especially for rings exposed to friction and acids from the sweat emitted by perspiration. Note that this is not the case for pendants and earrings which do not yellow over time because they are very little exposed to wear. To avoid yellowing by wear of the rhodium-plated white gold alloy, we therefore recommend for the rings a white gold alloy containing palladium (platinum group metal) which gives this gold a tone of white which does not move. not in time. That's why all our rings, solitaires and wedding bands are always made in 18 carat (750/000) palladium white gold.

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