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Buy diamonds online


The "i-Diamants" diamond website is a most precious address if you want to buy safely a high quality certified diamond from reputed professional diamond manufacturers.


"i-Diamants" website offers a user-friendly tool helping you to learn about diamonds and consequently to choose the best diamond at the best price.


Before to buy a diamond, learn to familiarize yourself with the criteria that define the quality of a diamond. "No choice without understanding".


We at "i-Diamants" « dot the i's » and help you to make the best diamond buy.


Our catchword :


« Integrity Inside, Beauty Outside»


underscores our attitude of respect for the customer and the product


Integrity of the information provided on all the diamonds.

Beauty of each diamond with a special selection of diamonds by  "" :


"i- Diamants" diamonds Selection offers documented  and commented information in a "diamond card" with visualization of the certificate of the diamond by independent gemmologists of internationally recognized gemmological laborotories like GIA, IGI, HRD.


Buy diamonds on the internet ?


When you buy a diamond remote through the Internet by placing an Internet Purchase Order, the 30-day guarantee "money back" applies.

You can always get in touch with a professional who will answer all your questions before buying the diamond, or ask for the best of the best : Triple excellent cut GIA (called 3X or 3 EX). We will find it for you in any size and quality. And buy for you D IF 3X GIA for the exceptional  "only the best diamond gifts".

At i- Diamants, buy a diamond that fits best and then choose one of the  custom made models our french classic and design jewellery collection


Buy diamonds online

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