Standard or hand made jewellery ?

The differences between a standard piece of jewelry and a custom-made piece of jewelry

  Maintenance of the jewel over time

The maintenance of the frame over time

For the sake of economy, the frames of standard mass-produced diamond jewelry are often hollow and deform over time.

The finishing work

Factory-made frames are often crudely finished. The easiest way to see this is to look at the inner parts of the jewelry. It is often said that diamond jewelry is like a suit, you have to turn it inside out to see the quality of the finish. This requirement in the finish, Steve Jobs (Apple) illustrated it like this during the creation of the Mac: "When you are a cabinetmaker and you make a beautiful chest of drawers, you are not going to use a piece of plywood for the back, even if it is against the wall and nobody will ever see it. You know it's there, so you're going to use a beautiful slab of wood. So you can sleep soundly, the aesthetics, the quality has to be observed all the way through." To use the example of the classic solitaire, it is factory-made directly in one piece which makes it difficult to access certain parts when finishing. In traditional jewelry, the ring and bezel are made separately like two pieces of a puzzle to optimize the finish of each part before assembling them. Note also that factory-made settings are cold in appearance. The edges, for example, are often too sharp. The artisan jeweler gives the jewelry softer shapes, better adapted to each diamond. The jewel then has more harmony and character. The finishing work is also much cleaner.

  finishing work
  diamond ring price

The price

The "cheapness" of industrial manufacturing can be expensive: at worst you risk losing the diamond, at best you will have to change a worn or deformed setting. A quality piece of jewelry will last a lifetime or more and will become part of your estate just like your diamond.


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