Anthology of received testimonies


“The purchase of a diamond over the internet was a first for me. And I did not regret it. I was highly satisfied by the quality of the services you provide. Your ability to listen, your advice and your reactivity were the key words of our exchanges. The final jewel is simply magnificent.”  Mrs M-A. L.

“One of the strong points of your website lies with your very high availability”   S. (Paris)


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“Throughout all of our conversations I realised how serious you are. The good reception of the stones and the conformity which you had announced (...) only confirmed my gut feeling (…) I find them particularly beautiful and they correspond to what I was looking for.”   T.D. (Profession: Judge)

“Our conversations lead me to a judicious choice.”   C.D. (Paris)

“They say a diamond is eternal, the moment you offer it is too. A lot of emotions and a future MRS C. who joined me above the clouds. Thank you for contributing with a lot of professionalism.”   F.C. (Hospital. Paris)

“This diamond was as pleasant to purchase as it is to look at.”   D.B.

“I congratulate myself everyday for having found your Website; the stones are magnificient” S.P. (Paris - Marketing Festival de Cannes)

“The visit I paid to your workshop yesterday delighted me. I found an unequalled availability, professionalism and personalised contact. The conversation reassured me about the quality of the diamonds you offer.”   P. (Colomiers - Paris)

“I thank you for systematically answering all of my questions in a diligent and gentle manner”   L.V. (Reims)

“The Soleil (Méditerranée) pendant I offered my wife for our anniversary, on the first day of summer, was very successful. She loved its originality and its Mediterranean aspect. Thank you for your advice and your welcome and congratulations on your well documented and pleasant website. It makes me want to get back to you for a ring… in a little while.” C.J., a satisfied customer (Le Cannet 06)

“Thank you for the follow-up. I will make sure people hear about your virtues as soon as I get the opportunity to do so.”   F. (Luxembourg)

“(…) we are (also) very happy about the assembling…we have to point out that your welcome and the advice your correspondent gave us in Paris comforted us in our decision to purchase. We thank you for having allowed us to materialise our desire for an “eternal diamond”.”   Y. & C.H. (Profession: State employee in Bercy)

“(…) I appreciate the time to think you allow your clients because it enables them to buy in excellent conditions.”   Y.G. (Limoges)

“I wanted to thank you for your efficiency and the quality of the service you provided (…) The workshop did a remarkable job which corresponds to the initial wish”   J.G. (Paris)

“Everything went really well. It’s a beautiful stone, excellent work in the workshop.”   M.G. (Mexico-Paris)

“I have just come back from the post office (…) my wife just gave birth and today is her birthday (…) she will get her present tonight (…) the ring is magnificient.”   J.S. (Thionville)
I-D: just-in-time : flash realisation at the end of August by the T workshop in Nice.

“On my behalf, I was delighted to find myself on the famous Antwerp diamond dealers’ square through the Internet”   X.H. (Advertising)

“The “Diamond + Mounting by the workshop” formula corresponded exactly to what I was looking for: something unique, which has a history. At the beginning I went to jewellery shops but nothing really appealed to me. The contact via e-mail is important. I really appreciated being able to ask questions and getting quick objectives answers.”   S.B. (Computer engineer – consultant)

“We have just received the much awaited parcel. It met our expectations and my wife is delighted. Thank you for the quality and the rapidity”   C. & F. C. (74 department)

“I highly appreciate your availability and your accuracy through your correspondence.”   C.M. (Paris)

“Thank you for the payment facilities, they were of great help for the student that I am, without them the purchase would have been impossible.”   L.

“The diamond was offered following your advice and was greatly appreciated. I wanted to share my satisfaction with you.”   A.R. (Bordeaux region)

“A contented fiancée. (…) the stone really is very beautiful.”   E.D. (Nuclear Energy commissioner’s office)

“It’s a very good address, yours as much as the workshop in Paris (…) I will definitely recommend you to my friends.”   L. (banking sector)

“Thank you for your quick and detailed answer. Your prices are really low.

“Your speed in answering me with accuracy only confirmed to me the professionalism that appears throughout your website (…) My appreciation (of the diamonds) is very good: I compared (…), the color difference is real, I will definitely go for the D IF (…).”   E.D. (Poitiers)
I-D: Recidivist, second purchase.

“The stone catches the light in a fantastic way...”   K.S. (Monte-Carlo - Shipping)
I-D : ...must be the good cut ... and the interference with the beholders internal light.

“All went smoothly (with the workshop). I will look after your address preciously for the future.”   F.K. (Lawyer)

“Thank you four your help. Hope to do business with you again.”   J.T. (Denmark - Cannes)

“I went to see the stones with my wife. We are delighted.”   T.D. (Sales director)

“It has a great effect!”  A.B. (Radiologist - Alpes Maritimes)

“Your website is of the highest quality. The information (…) is clear and precise.”   C.D. (Dental surgeon)

“…Thank you for your excellent collaboration.”  M.Z. (Travel agency director - Paris-Prague)
I-D: Recidivist : third purchase.

“Many thanks”   J.D. (Gémenos)
I-D: the thanks are reciprocal: pleasant re-discovery of the Gémenos surroundings.

“The diamond suits me perfectly. Thank you. I will pay you today.”   P.M. (Physician – University research director)

“I find the stone very beautiful indeed…attached is a photo of the just finished ring. Tomorrow is the big day…”  P.P. (Aix-en-Provence)

“The diamonds have an exceptional sparkle under the tropical sunshine, they’re even more beautiful!”   V. & O.A. (Nouméa and Paris)
I-D : ...the diamond expresses the beauty of the man and the woman, you.

“I gave my wife the stone yesterday. I’ll let you imagine her surprise. She wasn’t expecting such a present. She was speechless and tears filled her eyes, she couldn’t stop admiring it (…) I can’t help but thank you again for your amiability.”  G.M. (Computer scientist)