The diamonteer's eye


Bying a beautiful diamond is not only a matter of quality criteria.


It is also a question of expertise. The collaboration of a diamonteer that selects for you, with all the love of his craft, the most beautiful diamond (white meeting your criteria of carat, colour, clarity, cut and budget), is essential.



Beyond the certificate and the famous "4 Cs" (carat, cut, colour, clarity), there is the eye of the diamonteer. With, founded by the familly of De Hantsetters diamonteers, diamonds have this extra something that makes the difference. The beauty of a diamond is reminiscent of a face. One can appreciate the harmony of lines, but only the spart moves us. Beyond proportions, there is the magic of life.


The diamonteer eye


We are happy to share our expertise and passion of diamonds and we will care for you so that you can experience the pleasure of bying a diamond as a connoisseur. Let us help you by phone or e-mail so you can make the best choice for your diamond.