Classic or customized jewellery ?



Classic diamond jewellery, customized diamond jewels, or designer signed jewellery?


You can find three types of jewels you can find on i-joaillerie, i-diamants’ s very own French style jewellery boutique.


Classic diamond jewellery

Classic, chic, never out of fashion. Their look is both sober and contemporary. The elegance and purity of the forms were made by jewellers to release the light of the diamond in an ideal way.

We offer a range of diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, earrings and pendants.


Classic Diamond Ring (4,5 ou 6 claws)


Customized diamond jewellery

The expression « customized diamond jewellery » is often used in an inappropriated way. Indeed, customized jewellery consists very often in a so called "customized" assembly of already existing parts : choice of a diamond in a catalogue of diamonds, choice of a band for the ring among a catalogue of preproduced bands, a choice of a settings among a catalogue of preproduced settings. According to us, customized jewellery is then reduced to a puzzle game.


Customized diamond jewellery takes all its meaning when you get in touch with a real jewellery designer and order him a jewel in the same way as you could order a painting to a painter. You can exchange ideas with him/her and take all the benefits from his/her know-how and creativity.


Customized Jewellery


Designer signed diamond jewellery

Designer signed diamond jewellery refers to the jewellery designers’ own collection. On i-joaillerie, we show different models designed by the jewellery designers we are used to work with.


Bague diamant Daniela Baumgartner


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