Classic or customized jewellery, hand made

Classic diamond jewelry, personalized creations or jewelry signed by a designer jeweler

  classic diamond solitaire jewel

Classic diamond jewel

Classics, timeless. Their look is both sober and contemporary. The elegance and purity of the shapes have been worked by master jewelers to release the light of the diamond in an ideal way.
We offer a collection of solitaires, rings, wedding rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets whose bezels have nothing to do with simple "chips".

The personalized creation

The personalized creation of diamond jewelry is a term that is often overused. Indeed, the personalized creation often consists in a so-called "personalized" assembly of several already existing parts: choice of a diamond in a diamond catalog, choice of a ring body among a catalog of prefabricated bodies, choice of a shawl among a catalog of prefabricated shawls. For us, this amounts to reducing personalized design to a puzzle game.

The personalized creation takes all its direction with the meeting of a jeweller creator who will carry out a jewel to measure for you on order, such as one orders a table with an artist painter. You will be able to exchange your ideas with him, to be enriched by his know-how and his creativity.

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Signed designer jewelry

These are jewels that have been made by designer jewelers according to their own inspiration and belong to their jewelry collection. In our jewelry collection, we feature several designer jewelers.


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