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Diamond dealers since 1888, we select the most beautiful natural diamonds.

To help you choose the diamond that suits you, i-diamants offers four different packages.

You will find different selections of stones: our advice for a diamond reaching the perfection of the quality criteria for the purists, our recommendation for a choice privileging the balance, our offers of the moment for a diamond with the best value for money and our offer blow of heart.

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Perfection offer


This offer is for the purists, those who are looking for the quality of high jewelry.

If you are looking for a diamond with the best color (D) and clarity (IF) criteria, this offer is for you!

The choice of balance


Choose balance. This is a good compromise between a purity that borders on IF excellence, i.e. a VS1/VS2 purity, and an F/G color. It is therefore a diamond with small inclusions visible only with a magnifying glass, and a color very close to D, i.e. a color that remains very white.

Current offer


This offer is rather "commercial": it is about stones with small prices compared to their weight and their quality, and on which we practise prices even more interesting than those already proposed for the whole of the stones.

Favorite offer


The favorite stones are the special ones that stand out for their brilliance. Some even have an "ideal cut" label for their exceptional quality and ideal proportions. This distinction is awarded by the internationally recognized IGI laboratory.


Our Diamond Dealer Selection page also allows you to select a diamond offering graded by weight, a diamond offering graded by color and a diamond offering graded by clarity.

Our selection
of diamonds

Favorite's choice






VAT Diamond Price

793 €

Choice of balance






VAT Diamond Price

1015 €

Choice of perfection






VAT Diamond Price

3019 €

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