Diamond History


Diamond History




The Diamond has existed since the beginnings of time. Born billions of years ago, the diamond was formed in the depths of the Earth, in its magma, in extreme conditions (*).

Diamonds found “on the surface” are accidental, they are the result of a series of exceptional events which drove the mineral out of darkness. Very much like the way in which you met your partner.

(*) The Diamond crystallises at depths lower than 150km, with a pressure of 70000 kg/cm2 and at temperatures exceeding 1300°C.


Diamond history




Nobody knows the exact moment in which Mankind discovered diamonds. But a Sanskrit text, the old literary language of India, dating back to the 4th century B.C., mentions the trade and the characteristics of a particular gem, which we can establish refer to the diamond.



Cut diamonds


It is not until the 15th Century that the cutting and polishing of the diamond by the diamond was discovered. This discovery was attributed to Lodewijk van Berkem (Belgium) and it revealed the brilliance and the beauty of the diamond, which women thus started to wear in jewel sets. Not all of them did so however. The diamond remained for a long time exclusive to a small elite of rich and royals.

At the end of hte 19th century, discovery of diamonds in South Africa, the beginning of large scale production.

The modern diamond's history begins with Antwerp as the world cutting center. In the 20th century, the diamond became the precious stone used for love promises.




Eternal (need)


The diamond, born at the dawn of our world, suggests the beginning of love. The eternal nature of the diamond satisfies our need for the Indestructible Desire.


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