Which setting to choose for your diamond pendant?


The gem setter sets and sets the gemstones to present them in their best light and reveal their beauty, no matter how many claws you choose. The fewer the claws, the more visible and prominent the stone.

As for the closed setting, it is the right choice if you want to give a volume effect to the stone. A well-cut diamond shines just as well in a claw setting as in a closed setting.

3 Claw or 4 Claw Set


The claw setting is the method of setting the diamond in a setting and then holding it in place with claws. It is the most used method because it best enhances the stone which remains uncovered and less encircled by gold.
At i-diamants, our diamond pendants are set with 3 or 4 claws.
Please note that it is not the number of claws that counts but the quality of the claws setting. Three claws are sufficient to ensure the stone is well maintained. 
From 0,30 carat, your diamond pendant will support without constraint a setting by 4 claws. The claws are fine and disappear in favour of the diamond, which is visually predominant, notably by its brilliance.

Closed Crimp


Our closed setting pendants encircle the diamond with 18 carat (750/000) gold. This setting technique increases the visual volume of a diamond by the volume effect of the 18 carat (750/000) gold all around the stone.

The closed setting does not diminish the brilliance of the diamond if it is well cut. In fact, it is the cut of the diamond that makes its brilliance because the light enters through the upper facet of the diamond (called "the table"), is reflected in its facets and also comes out through the table.

When the metal does not encircle the entire stone but only half of it, it is called a semi-enclosed setting.

  diamond pendant 3 claws
  diamond pendant 4 claws
  diamond pendant Eternity

We are at your disposal to create a diamond pendant according to your desires.

Our French jewellers guarantee the quality and solidity of the setting and clasps of our diamond pendants.

The selection of your diamond pendant and its type of setting is always an aesthetic choice that is personal to you. Trust yourself and choose spontaneously what you like the most.

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