How to choose a diamond ring for women or for men?


A diamond ring is a wonderful gift for a man and even more so for a woman. It is often synonymous with commitment when it accompanies an engagement proposal. It evokes eternal love and fidelity in a marriage. For an anniversary, it renews vows and confirms attachment. In short, the diamond ring accompanies you throughout your love life. This jewel must be appropriate to your event. Whether it is intended for a woman or a man, you must have the right keys to choose it and to please your loved one.

The essential differences between a diamond ring for women and a diamond ring for men


Whether it is for a woman or a man, the diamond ring sublimates the hand of the person who wears it. It symbolizes the love of the person who gave it. It reminds of wonderful moments by looking at it or by touching it with the fingertips. It shows to outsiders the attachment between two people. It must therefore be in the image of the event it accompanies. All eccentricities are possible to choose a diamond ring: the Emerald Diamond ring, the Flower Diamond ring and the Flower Edelweiss ring are original diamond rings available on our site. It often depends on the event that the jewel accompanies.

In the context of a marriage proposal, by tradition, the choice turns to a solitaire type of jewel. A diamond is in the center of the piece, rather elevated from the rest of the ring. This stone is the most appreciated by future brides. A symbol of purity and perfection, it can be accompanied by smaller stones that decorate the perimeter of the solitaire or the ring. The size of the central stone should symbolize the love of the suitor. The fiancée likes to show off her jewel to everyone around her. Throughout the engagement, she often admires her rose, yellow or white gold diamond ring as she thinks about her life ahead.

For a wedding, lovers like to have rings that are similar in terms of stones and alloys. Often the rings are chosen together by the bride and groom. The woman's ring will be light and thin, the man's will be strong and solid. While the ring of the bride-to-be is often very elaborate, that of her suitor remains very sober. For example, a few small diamonds may encrust the man's ring, while the woman's ring may have diamonds all around. A text is often engraved inside the ring to remind the date of the event and/or the first names of the future couple. It is a jewel that must be chosen carefully because it will accompany the couple throughout their lives.

For an anniversary gift, the diamond ring for a woman reminds her husband's attachment and fidelity. It has no symbolism in the choice and therefore all possibilities can be considered. A ring in the shape of a flower or heart is usually very popular. But it can also be very worked and sophisticated models. The diamond offers many possibilities, whether by its shape or its color. Classic or more modern, it remains in the heart of women a symbol of love for their partner. For a diamond ring for men, everything will depend on the personality of the companion. In any case, it will be more massive than that of a woman. Most of the time, it will be more sober. The diamonds will be inlaid rather than mounted on the ring. This one being wider, the possibilities to insert them are more than in a woman's jewel.

If it is customary to offer a diamond pendant to his wife for the arrival of a child, more and more future fathers prefer to turn to a diamond ring. Indeed, the diamond symbolizes light and life. The ring is often the easiest to wear for the woman. The father knows that he will certainly please the mother of his baby. Some even go so far as to have the child's first name and date of birth engraved in the ring.

Whether it is to offer to his children or to offer to himself, the signet ring with diamond is a fabulous gift for a man. It allows all the desires and all the personalizations that it is in the shape that in the color of the stone. In the male mind, the symbolism of this jewel is obviously the strength, courage, chivalric values. The diamond can be mounted inlaid or raised. The color of the stone can be chosen according to the taste of the person. The signet ring can be engraved and personalized as desired. It is often a gift that accompanies the majority of boys.

All about buying diamond rings for women


Choosing a diamond ring for a woman is not always easy. But there are many ways to please your partner or future partner. Some recommendations will help you make this choice more easily.

Where to buy a diamond ring : in a traditional jewelry store or in an online jewelry store ?


Buying in a traditional jewelry store is often the easiest, as it is the most convenient. The jewel can be seen directly and the ring tried on. Due to the lack of stock of the merchant, the choice is often limited. If the jewelry you wish to offer should reflect the personality of your loved one, it will be much easier to make a choice in an online jewelry store. Requests for quotes are made by phone or email, which is less stressful. And you have the choice of whether or not to take this or that option. You can choose the jewel that suits you while staying within your budget. It is important to know that the delivery time is almost the same. Indeed, in a traditional jewelry store, there is often only one person customizing the jewelry, when it is not done outside, while in the framework of an online jewelry store, it is a whole team that is at your disposal.

Why do you prefer to buy a diamond ring on the internet (whether it is for a man or a woman)?


The diamond ring you wish to offer must be unique and in your image. You choose the ring according to the diamond you want, not the other way around. That's why it is easier to go to a site specialized and recognized in diamonds. The i-diamants website, managed by a team of diamond dealers in the business for 4 generations (since 1888), offers you to choose your diamond and then helps you in the way to sublimate it. You will then have the exceptional jewel of your dreams.

What are the prices of diamond rings on the Internet?


The price will depend on the number of diamonds, the alloy and the work on the ring that you want. A platinum diamond ring will be more expensive than a gold ring for example. However, a site like i-diamants has been working directly with these gems for a long time and offers prices that are well below store prices. There is no middleman and their expertise and knowledge of the product means that the jewelry is exceptional at the right price. They work with only the finest diamonds that are certified to bring you assurance of your purchase.

How to choose among the very large and confusing offer on the web for diamond rings for women?


When you want to please your girlfriend, it is sometimes difficult to choose the site on which to buy the object of your desires. Using a website specialized in diamonds, such as i-diamants, ensures you get the diamond ring you want. You are assured of the quality of the stones and the way they will be mounted because it is a specialized and recognized site. You also have the possibility of making a custom diamond ring.

A priority: buy a ring with a quality diamond certified by GIA, HRD or IGI


Obviously, the purchase of the diamond ring must be accompanied by certification by GIA, HRD or IGI. These are the only organizations recognized by the profession for the certification of a diamond. You are assured of having the diamond you have chosen. The certificate can be engraved infinitesimally small on the diamond directly to remove any ambiguity. But this is not necessary, because with the certificate, a jeweler can know if it matches your diamond or not.

How to determine if your wife prefers a diamond ring in white, yellow, pink or platinum gold?


While yellow gold diamond rings have always been very popular and sought after, gold alloys that allow for white gold diamond rings and pink diamond rings are on the rise. Platinum also remains a safe bet because of its nobility and cachet. After white gold, it is rose gold that is trendy in recent years. But to determine the alloy that will please your partner the most, you must look at the jewelry she already owns. Following the majority of the nuances of these, you will be able to determine the color of gold that will sublimate her hand.

Buy a diamond ring for men


The most classic: the rings for men with a black diamond


Original yet classic, black diamond rings are popular with men. Behind this stone, we find strength and love, but also a little mystery. Combined with classic white diamonds, they make a wonderful and very manly combination. A black diamond ring is always discreet and very sophisticated. Like a starry sky, the black diamond ring is a very popular piece of jewelry.

The most modern: the ring for men with a brown diamond


The brown diamond ring has become very trendy in recent years. It does not yet have the aura of the black diamond ring, but it is making a very noticeable breakthrough. This color enhances the diamond and especially the ring. It is often compared to the color of champagne. It is a unique color that makes it inimitable. It adds a very masculine note when associated with the black diamond but also with the white diamond.

The most timeless: the ring for men with a white diamond


The ring with white diamond remains the most eternal in the collective unconscious. Always symbolic of love and passion, it sublimates all the other precious stones by its brightness and its purity. It is bequeathed from generation to generation. It brings energy and power to the one who wears it. It also symbolizes the purity and would allow to clarify its thoughts. It is often the choice of the future groom to be in concordance with the ring of his beloved. In addition, the white diamond signet ring is considered a safe bet and remains a very popular gift.

The ultimate luxury: a ring for men with a yellow, pink or blue diamond


Indeed, the color invites itself on the rings for man by adding a diamond of yellow, pink or blue color. For the past ten years, men have been looking to individualize themselves from others. He adds a dash of color to his black suit. Incorporating a colored diamond does not harm his virility anymore and often, it is very appreciated by the spouse. Similarly, putting diamonds of different colors on a ring can make the jewelry very masculine, either because it refers to his favorite sports club, or because it combines colors he likes.

How to choose between a diamond ring in white, yellow, pink or platinum gold


Once the choice of the diamond is effective, it is necessary to choose the alloy which will emphasize it. For a man, platinum is often the best choice. Indeed, it is the most solid metal, it does not risk deformation or impact. The color goes particularly well with all diamond colors. In terms of cleaning, it is really the easiest to clean. White gold is also very popular, as is yellow gold. Rose gold, on the other hand, is not often requested by a man, but it still happens sometimes. It is not so rare that men like this type of color.


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