How to clean your diamond ring: information you need to know.


A ring set with diamonds is usually the most beautiful effect on your finger, and you probably want to preserve its brilliance, its brilliance. Whether in yellow gold or white gold, a modern or classic style, if you wonder how to take care of it, if the question "But how to clean my diamond ring? »Arises to you, then you are in the right place! As each precious material has its own characteristics, it is important to know how to clean them, so as not to risk damaging the jewel.


Clean the diamond ring at home

You do not necessarily want to travel and spend money on something you can do yourself, so you may be interested in some practical tips.
Cleaning a ring set with a diamond is relatively simple, and requires only a few steps: start by dipping the jewel in hot water mixed with soap, then use a small brush to rub it. A toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste will do just fine. Your goal will be primarily to degrease the ring, and remove most of the impurities. Then rinse, then wipe with a soft cloth rather than a paper towel.
This approach works well in the case of yellow gold, pink gold and diamonds, but is rather discouraged for white gold, and should not be practiced if the coin is too much damaged, to ensure that it does not deteriorate further. A pink gold ring can be cleaned with an ammonia solution and a wet cloth. Finally, in the case of platinum, the same artisanal processing as for yellow gold and diamonds can be used.
Baking soda is an effective product often put forward by specialized sites, so you can use it safely in place of soapy water.

Clean the diamond ring at a diamond dealer or jeweler

This is undoubtedly the safest way to restore the lost brilliance of your ring. A professional gem world will be able to work efficiently and safely on your piece. Indeed, the use at home of special devices for the cleaning of jewelry, in general, is not recommended: it is better to leave this to an experienced jeweler.
If the frame is white gold, after a few years it can lose its luster, part of its coating and thus yellow. Rhodiage, a process that aims to restore the jewel in white gold, should be done every 5 years or so.
As any specialist in his field, the diamond or jeweler, has the knowledge to help you take care of your ring, and to give you some additional advice. Obviously, he will also repair the jewel when needed, so do not hesitate to call on his expertise.

How often do you need to clean a diamond ring?

The question may seem surprising, as it is generally believed that a diamond can be cleaned at will, especially given the resistance displayed by this type of gemstone, known to be the hardest in the world.
However, you must pay attention to the crimp, which is more fragile, and must be cleaned with more delicacy. It is not obligatory to clean each week you ring, once every two or three months can absolutely suffice, and even longer, if you apply the tips that will follow.

How to take care of your diamond ring?

First of all, it is important to choose a resistant frame, able to preserve the quality of the diamond that is encrusted. The maintenance will be simpler, and the life of the jewel, if you can say that, longer.
Then, there is a list of small everyday things that can help your diamond ring. Avoid the contact of chlorine when you wear it, and drop it in a safe place whenever it is necessary: ??to swim in the municipal swimming pool for example. Similarly, it is more than advisable to leave before cleaning, especially if you have to use household products such as bleach, but also before doing the dishes. Finally, avoid washing your hands with the finger ring too often.
It is absolutely necessary to have a suitable storage box or a special bag: this also applies to other adornments such as necklaces. This protection will be appreciated if you travel-to prevent your ring from scratching-or during the night, when you leave it before sleeping.

How to keep the brilliance of his diamond ring?

We return here to the first point mentioned in this article. So let's take a quick summary and add some tips.
In order to preserve the brilliance of your ring, whatever the precious materials that compose it (white gold, yellow or pink, platinum, set with diamonds), you must keep it away from fatty or corrosive products, such as sanitary products, and remove it whenever you are about to handle these products. Having safe storage is a plus, and even essential, to avoid falls and exposure to the elements, especially when traveling.
Proper washing / cleaning every two to three months and following the maintenance instructions will suffice for basic maintenance. Finally, as has not been mentioned, avoid using lotions and hand creams when wearing the ring: this would cause in the long run the deposit of a layer of fat on the frame and between the diamonds.