Selectivity & Service


Already 17 Years "IF" Service 


Top quality service is what you expect and deserve when you order a high-ticket item like diamonds and diamond jewellery ;

Information and explanations at all stages from preparation to delivery  for an impeccable purchase.

This is our "Internally Flawless" service, perfect, without a flaw, full service.

Our diamand catalogue is not exhaustive ;


Service is also our ability to find the diamond YOU want.


Diamond selection




All the diamonds mentioned "Selection" in our catalogue were strictly chosen according to the following 2 quality stages :


1st stage: study of the certificate’s data established by one of the three most famous independent laboratories (HRD, IGI and GIA). The diamonds are selected when the combination of the 4C’s (carat, clarity, colour, cut) is interesting and offers quality at a good price.


2nd stage: observation of the diamond quality with the loupe and with a naked eye. The diamonds are selected if the inclusions are light. No « VS2 » or « SI » is alike: we select the best.


A customer service by experienced diamonteers


Our internationnaly located team will make every effort to find the best diamond that suits  your request.


We are committed to full transparency and a high level of professionalism to give you as much information and offer quality products selected by us.


We are at your service, and appreciate your comments and questions. Diamond and jewellery people, we manage ourselves the customer service, without subcontracting. Do not hesitate to contact us at or at +33 (0)4 93 18 73 58.