What is the best setting for a diamond solitaire?


At i-diamants, we offer diamond solitaires set with 4, 5 or 6 claws. It is not the number of prongs that counts but the quality of the prong setting: it is better to have four good quality prongs than six bad ones.

The selection of a model and the number of prongs is above all an aesthetic choice. If you want a symmetry of claws, and a classic and more timeless model, you should prefer a 4 or 6 claws diamond solitaire.  

The 5 claw setting is less conventional and more original, and creates an asymmetry that embellishes and emphasizes the roundness of the diamond.

  diamond engagement ring 4 claws
  solitaire diamond ring 5 claws
  solitaire diamond ring 6 claws

Setting of all our diamond solitaires made in France


Depending on the size of the solitaire, a 6 claw setting can be perfectly suitable without dulling the brilliance of the stone. From 0.50 carat, your diamond solitaire will support a 6 claw setting without constraint. This setting is even more classic than the 4 claw setting and is becoming trendy again.

You can ask us to create thinner custom claws, but we will always respect the strength of the claw and in harmony with the size of the diamond set. We can create claws of different shapes to set your diamond jewel: round, square, triangular or personalized. Let us know what you want and we will confirm the technical and aesthetic feasibility according to the model.

Our jewelry is set in France by French gem setters to guarantee quality and solidity. You can trust the aesthetic choice that you like the most spontaneously, we guarantee the quality of the setting work of our jewelers for all our products.

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