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i-diamants draws its strength from a successful marriage of the eye of the diamond dealer and the hand of the jeweler.

A jewel is the case that reveals all the beauty of a diamond. The craftsman designs it to magnify the brilliance of the stone. A woman will look at her ring a million times in her life, and the setting must be up to the task.

Working with gold, creating a setting and setting a diamond is both a magical and demanding profession. We make, set and polish all our jewelry by hand. The hand of the artisan jeweler shapes the expression of the heart and creates the soul of the jewel.



Diamond makers for 4 generations, a passion in heritage


Our diamond expertise is passed down from generation to generation. The notion of eternity specific to diamonds is fundamental to our work. And when we create a jewel, our wish is that it accompanies you all your life and beyond, that it is then worn by your children...

For 4 generations, we have dedicated ourselves to this magical stone and the values that accompany it: passion, authenticity and expertise. Indeed, the diamond is a material so fascinating by its exceptional properties that it inspires the greatest emotions. To look at a diamond is above all to feel the love of beauty within oneself.



The greatest luxury of our profession as diamond cutters is to be able to savor the mystery of the reflections of the dancing light every day. And the most beautiful reward of our work is to know that the stone we hold in our hands will soon symbolize the commitment between two beings touched by the grace of love, this indefinable and uncontrollable feeling that creates and justifies life.

  Jewellery : a passion work

French jewellery

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Passion, Authenticity, Expertise

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Made-to-measure French jewelry, craftsmanship lived as an art

  Custom jewelry creation

Our commitment to our customers is to give each diamond the best of French jewelry and its tradition of quality. The diamond is eternal, the jewel that accompanies it must be too.

Our name De Hantsetters means in old Flemish: those who set ("setters") by hand ("de hant"). Each i-diamants jewel (diamond solitaire, diamond ring, diamond pendant...) is made with a very high quality of workmanship (setting, polishing, rhodium plating), hand made in our workshop. The profession of artisan jeweler is a noble French know-how and given in heritage. Our desire is to continue to devote a true cult to this craft lived as an art.

The frame is not a simple accessory, the purity of the lines and finishes must equal that of the diamond. A good goldsmith's work adapts the proportions of the jewel to those of the chosen diamond and the size of the finger. We offer you the best of the great classics of French gold and diamond jewelry (diamond solitaire, engagement ring, diamond pendant...). Contrary to the standard jewelry manufactured in an industrial way and without soul, all our jewelry is made to measure and hand made by passionate and expert craftsmen, in the tradition and the know-how of the highest quality of the French jewelry.

  Custom engagement ring

We can also accompany you in the creation of a unique jewel created from scratch together, thanks to an exchange between your desires and our know-how of jeweler creator.

We have all the digital tools (technical drawings in 3D, photo renderings and 3D videos) so that you can make your modifications and your choice remotely by exchange of emails and can also receive you by appointment.

French jewellery

Jewelry designer, the De Hantsetters collection


For a long time specialists in classic and timeless jewelry as well as custom creations,

we recently created our own De Hantsetters collection with the desire to express our vision of jewelry:

to magnify through jewelry the greatest luxury that is given to us, our ability to marvel at the treasures of nature.

For isn't the most precious of our faculties to be able to marvel?


Imagined as a travel diary, this collection is a call to adventure, a hymn to nature as an inexhaustible source of wonder and inspiration. Each piece of De Hantsetters jewelry is a passport to that feeling of immensity, fullness and eternity. Each piece of jewelry signed De Hantsetters seeks a single luxury: placed on a woman's finger, the jewel must transport her in the blink of an eye to the enchanted world of the great outdoors...

Sublimated by the Terre d'Edelweiss ring, the woman wears all the exaltation of the summits on her fingertips. When evening comes, she points to the horizon and lets the sun set on the Rose des Sables ring as if on a bed of dunes. Set with colored diamonds and handcrafted in our workshops, these rings are a testament to the passion, expertise and craftsmanship of French jewelry. The diamonds are all set in a descended setting, for a tenfold brilliance of the diamonds. The setting of Terre d'Edelweiss, by its finesse, is a real work of lace. On Rose des Sables, it is the assembly of the different petals that is particularly delicate, with golds to be sanded and golds to be polished, in parts that are sometimes very difficult to access for polishing.

  Artisan hand

De Hantsetters, diamonteers since 1888

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