The tradition of diamond engagement ring

Origin of the engagement ring: a simple iron ring filled with history


If, over time, engagement rings have gradually become beautiful pieces of jewelry, made of precious materials and the result of particularly careful work, it is a process that took time since the ancestor of the engagement ring was originally a simple iron ring...

The appearance of this tradition and this highly symbolic object dates back to Antiquity, first in Egypt and then in Rome, where families who had agreed on the terms and conditions of a union began to record the promise of marriage through the reciprocal exchange of an iron ring, then called "pronobum". This ring was therefore particularly... sober. It was not intended to dazzle the beloved with a sumptuous appearance that would surely captivate her heart or symbolize the importance of the value that man places on his bride. No, here, it is above all a question of ratifying an agreement between two families, an agreement that the ring comes to materialize. And if this purely contractual vocation of the engagement ring will tend to sadden us a little, we will console ourselves by learning that wearing the ring on the left ring finger is not trivial. According to the beliefs established at the time, a vein in this particular finger leads directly to the heart, the undisputed seat of love feeling! One always feels a little better after having re-enchanted History!

All you need to know about the first diamond solitaire offered for engagement

To begin with, what exactly is a diamond solitaire? It's a new way of designating the traditional engagement ring from the 15th century onwards, as diamonds will gradually become the new reference from that time on.

How did the diamond solitaire become the new standard for engagement rings? Influencers have always existed, but in terms of history they are often to be found in the upper echelons of society. For example, Prince Maximilian of Austria initiated this tradition by offering a sumptuous engagement ring set with magnificent diamonds that form an "M" to his fiancée Marie de Bourgogne. It is from this pioneering act in the high spheres of politics and nobility that the tradition of the diamond solitaire will spread throughout society. Beyond simple mimicry, this success can be explained by the sober and refined character of this jewel. It adapts to all styles and all fashions, which is what has allowed it to remain a must-have until today!

From engagement ring to wedding ring: sincere and lasting love

If we could see that at the origin the engagement ring emerges especially in front of the needs to contractualize and to regularize a situation of union, let us reassure ourselves because its meaning has clearly evolved today to leave more room for love and romanticism! The engagement ring is obviously a first step towards marriage: it officially announces that marriage is desired and is now in preparation. It therefore symbolizes the promise of a definite love commitment that aims above all to be long-lasting. Through what it represents, it lays the first foundations of the official union to come and sanctifies this powerful and reciprocal attachment until marriage. It therefore implies a sincere and deep love and already invites the respect of many values that structure the couple and life together, such as fidelity, honesty and an unfailing support over time. In this sense, the circular shape of the ring is highly symbolic since it refers directly to the continuity and longevity of the relationship. The circle has, strictly speaking, no end, it is a continuous and ultimately infinite line. It is a continuous and ultimately infinite line, just like what will ideally be the history of this union. Faced with this very strong symbolism, one understands better what is at stake when choosing an engagement ring for a couple desperately in love! It is the very symbol of their love and their relationship.

The history of the solitaire diamond engagement and wedding ring has endured over time

From this impulse given in the 15th century by the Prince of Austria, the choice of the diamond solitaire as an engagement ring became the norm. At least in the most privileged and wealthy circles at first. But this tradition will continue, and even develop beyond the upper classes of society, especially through colonial expansion and the discovery of large deposits of precious stones. Thus, at the end of the 19th century, the exploitation of Africa's mineral wealth will democratize the use of diamonds but also other gemstones to set engagement rings. In order to sell these precious materials, now available in relative abundance, the mining companies in question, such as De Beers, launched particularly effective marketing campaigns. It is no longer just the richest who wear these sumptuous jewels, but standard, more modest citizens: solitude is now within everyone's reach! Today, in spite of changing mores and the significant decline in the number of weddings since the modern era, there is a renewed interest in these traditions. Although less important in volume, the acts of engagement and common marriage now take on a deeper and purer meaning since they are freed from social constraints. Thus, the tradition of engagement and wedding rings remains and love marriage is becoming the norm where it was once the exception!

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Why offer a diamond solitaire as an engagement ring?


Still wondering why you should offer a diamond solitaire to the chosen one in your heart to announce your intention to marry her? Let's review here all the main characteristics that undoubtedly make the diamond solitaire the essential jewel and the most pertinent choice for an engagement ring.

-History and tradition have made the diamond solitaire a jewel with a strong message. Through rites and customs worn by historical figures, tradition has imposed the diamond solitaire as the official engagement ring in the minds of people. Of course, everyone remains free to choose the ring, but choosing the diamond solitaire is certainly to convey a strong and unambiguous message: I want to commit myself with you for this life and beyond. No other ring will better signify your desire.

-By analogy, the diamond is a strong symbol of love. The diamond is a particularly precious stone, its rarity and value send a clear message to its recipient: you are very important to me. Diamond is a stone that has a very high resistance to all types of alterations: my love is so strong that time and the

The torments of a lifetime will have no hold on him. Like this stone, our union will be indestructible and will last.

With the diamond solitaire you offer above all a pledge of powerful, sincere and eternal love.

Choosing a classic or original solitaire engagement ring for your wife: what does it represent?

With all this symbolism around the engagement ring and the message it sends back, we can better measure the high stakes that his choice represents! So not to take it lightly, it is better to consider all the options available. As we have seen, the classic diamond solitaire is the safe bet that has proven itself throughout history. A ring often in gold, set with a unique and colorless diamond: this configuration enhances the gemstone while remaining discreet and classy at the same time. The classic solitaire ring is romantic and timeless and has the advantage, through its sobriety, of adapting to all styles. It is obviously the choice of efficiency.

Nevertheless, it is always possible to find a more atypical ring if you think that classicism is not the best match for your partner! The solitaire shouldered for example; accompanied by other gemstones it will be more loaded and brighter. It is also possible to choose an engagement ring with colored stones: emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst... Each one offers interesting symbols such as hope, passion or wisdom. Thus, it will obviously be necessary to take into account the personality and the tastes of your partner when choosing the ring. There are innumerable engagement ring creations. It is up to you to adjust the slider between the efficiency of classicism and the character of originality!

What is the significance of the number of stones on an engagement ring set with a diamond?

On a classic solitaire engagement ring, a unique diamond is highlighted: it represents the purity, solidity and eternity of the union. Depending on the number of stones it has, a ring takes on a very special meaning.

With two gemstones, we move on to the Toi et moi ring model, which will emphasize the fusional and accomplished nature of the relationship. The two stones are identical in size to ensure balance in the couple and their proximity symbolizes the power of the union between two inseparable beings, now forming a whole. One of the two is often a diamond, but other stones can also be chosen to match the personality of the individuals.

When we move on to three gemstones now, this is the "trilogy" type model, which is more interpretive and lends itself to many meanings. While some will see it as a metaphor for the times we have lived through together: past, present and future, others will focus more on conjugal values such as friendship, love and solidarity.

Beyond three stones and more, for a ring surrounded by diamonds, we will speak of a ring of eternity, or a ring of infinity that refers directly to the idea of endless love. So be judicious in the choice of the number of stones to further refine the message you want to convey!

Is the man also wearing an engagement ring?

Wearing the engagement ring is traditionally rather reserved for women only. Notably because it is associated with a patriarchal tradition where proposing marriage was an exclusively male prerogative. The man being systematically at the initiative, he was naturally obliged to offer something to support his proposal! But today, with a society that is tending irresistibly towards absolute equality between men and women, this pattern is becoming obsolete. Nowadays, marriage

is almost always the fruit of a common reflection within the couple where each one commits himself as an equal. Men become eager to display a symbol of their devotion and love! In this perspective of equality and desire formulated in common, it is quite possible to envisage a reciprocal exchange of rings and to make the tradition evolve! If you are interested, you should know that many models already exist, often more sober than women's engagement rings, they are often found in the form of a signet ring for example. So ladies, if the idea seduces you, do not hesitate to shake up the tradition a little! Afterwards, your beloved one will show a surprisingly increased interest in your feminist engagement.

  Tradition diamond engagement ring

1477: Archduke Maximilian of Austria offers a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy


In ancient times, diamonds were considered the tears of God. Until the 15th century, only kings wore diamonds as a symbol of power, courage and invincibility. Yet the word "diamond" itself, coming from the Greek "Adamas" and meaning "indomitable, invincible", already suggests the eternity of love....

It wasn't until 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, that the tradition of diamond engagement rings began. And if the woman has to wear her ring on the ring finger of her left hand, we owe it to a belief inherited from the time of the Egyptian Empire, according to which the vein of love flows directly from the heart to the left ring finger ...

  Diamond engagement ring

 Today offering a diamond ring is the symbol of engagement and love par excellence. And we are confident that as long as Cupid's arrows are set with diamonds, the fires of this magical stone will reflect the constant flame of love!

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