What clarity for your diamond ?



Advice on the diamond clarity


We recommend degrees of clarity that don’t alter the brilliance of the diamond, that is from IF (internally flawless) to Si (small inclusions), where you will nonetheless be careful about the location of the inclusions for the Si (make sure the centre of the stone is clean).


The final choice is personal, almost cultural, depending on your preferences, tolerance, and budget; since the IF-VVS are very rare and therefore expensive. A beautiful diamond must be quite pure, but not necessarily IF, although this choice imposes respect.


The choice of the diamond clarity takes us back to the psychologically strong notion of “clarity”. Since the diamond is the symbol of perfection, we understand the importance attributed to this parameter, and why, in popular language we talk about flaws in reference to those impurities when the inclusions are considerable.


Ideally, you should aim for a “beautiful clarity” or the “highest clarity possible”.


The natural inclusions have a beauty of their own, just as freckles do on the human body. Indeed, nature seems to have wanted to leave an inimitable personal print on the rarest and most precious of items. Each diamond possesses a kind of internal identity card which distinguishes it from all other and gives it its poetry. The most important is to know this identity and clarity, which is described on the certificate.


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