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Choosing the purity of your diamond
On the scale of purity grades that goes from "IF" (from Internally Flawless: pure under a 10x magnifying glass) to "I" (from Included: pitted "P") we recommend purity grades that do not alter the brilliance of the diamond, i.e. from IF to SI1 and SI2 (small inclusions) paying attention to the position of the inclusions for the SI1 and Si2 (center of the clean stone)



The final choice is personal, almost cultural, and depends on your preference, tolerance, and budget, IF-VVS being very rare and therefore expensive. A beautiful diamond must be as pure as possible but not necessarily IF "loupe pure", although this choice forces respect.


When buying a diamond, the choice of the diamond's purity refers to the psychologically very strong notion of purity.  The diamond being the symbol of perfection, one understands the importance given to this parameter and why, in popular language, one speaks about defects or "toads" to stigmatize these impurities when it is a question of strong pricks.

The ideal would be that one tends towards 'a beautiful purity' or the 'most possible purity... according to the budget'.


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Natural inclusions have their beauty, like the moles of the human body. Indeed, nature seems to have wanted to mark the rarest and most precious bodies with an inimitable and very personal imprint. Each diamond has a sort of internal identity card that distinguishes it from any other, that gives it its poetry. It is essential to know this identity and purity described in the certificate before buying a diamond, whatever its purity.

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