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Choosing the color of your diamond

On the color scale of the "Cape" series of diamonds, which ranges from colorless to a slight tinge of yellow, we recommend choosing whites from D to I, which are whites without a tinge, with the I very slightly "shaded" (imperceptible from the front).

The exceptional whites D and E are hard, bright whites. Extra whites F and G are as the name implies extra white, all very high white diamond choices.


  white diamond

H and I whites are softer whites. The slightly tinted whites J and K are always bright in the most beautiful cuts.

The choice of the white of the diamond cannot be dissociated from the color of the metal of the jewel:

For platinum or rhodium-plated white gold, the diamond must be white without tint (H or higher).

  princess diamond

The yellow gold - its natural color - brings out the white of the diamond by contrast even in lower colors like I J and K.


For colored diamonds (Fancy), we offer shaded golds, for example champagne gold for champagne diamonds.

We also recommend for colors from I J K to buy diamonds with fluorescence. This enhances the color: fluorescent diamonds emit a faint blue light when exposed to ultraviolet light. Since blue is a complementary color to yellow, these diamonds will appear whiter.

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