What colour for your diamond ?



Advice on the diamond colour


We recommend white colors from D to I which are tintless whites, with a slightly nuanced I white (imperceptible when looking at it on top).


Exceptional white D to E are hard whites. F and G extra whites are … extra white.


H and I are softer whites. The slightly tinted J (or even K) whites are always OK in the best (Very Good and Excellent) cuts.


The choice of the colour of the diamond cannot be dissociated from the colour of the metal for a jewel:

For platinum or rhodium coated white gold, the diamond must be a high white and tintless (H or up).

Yellow gold - its natural colour - contrasts with the white of the diamond and enhances it even in the lower colours such as I J or K.


For coloured diamonds (Fancy), we suggest nuanced types of gold, for example the champagne coloured gold for champagne coloured diamonds.

Diamond colour

We also recommend, for colours ranging from I J, to chose diamonds with fluorescence. This enhances the colour. Fluorescent diamonds produce a feeble blue light when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Since blue is the complementary colour of yellow, these diamonds will appear whiter.


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