When to buy a diamond ?


Simply when love lights up your life! And the occasions can be numerous: engagement, marriage, birth of a child... All these precious moments of life can be the perfect opportunity to buy a diamond. In the article below, we have listed the most frequent ones. Each occasion has its own specific type of jewelry. If the engagement is placed under the sign of a ring with a diamond set in solitaire to symbolize the unique and faithful love, the birth of a child is more often celebrated by the purchase of a diamond pendant, gift of the father to the happy mother and which will be able to be transmitted to the child at its majority.

The engagement ring remains by far the most important occasion to buy a diamond


It was in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, that the tradition of diamond engagement rings began. And if the woman must wear her ring on the ring finger of the left hand, we owe it to a belief inherited from the time of the Egyptian empire and according to which the vein of love flows directly from the heart to the left ring finger... For the engagement, we commonly offer a single diamond ring, signifying the rarity and uniqueness of love. A diamond for you my only love! That said, the center diamond is often also accompanied by pave or surround diamonds to enrich the setting and give even more sparkle to the engagement ring.

Then comes the diamond wedding ring, as the second reason to buy diamonds


If the exchange of wedding rings is a custom well anchored in our civilization already since Ancient Rome (where the ring was chosen as a simple geometric shape without beginning or end perfectly representing eternity), it is necessary to wait until the eighteenth century for the rings to be decorated with precious stones. Very quickly the preference goes to the diamonds which symbolize the rarity, the purity and the eternity. From then on, diamond wedding rings came in a wide variety of shapes, including round brilliant-cut diamonds, but also princess-cut diamonds, emeralds, hearts...

The pendant is often the third motivation to buy a diamond


The diamond pendant is a wonderful addition to most outfits. Timeless, it lends itself to all styles, all colors of clothing. Whether as a solitaire diamond pendant, ideal to wear with a chic suit, or as a necklace as a set of diamonds often very worked in high jewelry, the diamond that dresses the bust of a woman always illuminates her face with a thousand lights. A frequent occasion for the purchase of a diamond pendant is the birth of a child. Indeed, the man offers to the mother a diamond pendant that she will pass on later to her daughter.


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