Where to buy a diamond ?


There are different types of places to buy a diamond. In this article, we have listed the most common ones: traditional jewelry stores, jewelry brand stores and online sales sites. For each of them, we have listed their advantages and disadvantages.

Buying a diamond in a jewelry store


The classic jewelry store remains the preferred place to buy a piece of jewelry. There are two main types of jewelry stores: on the one hand, the traditional jewelry store, often family-owned and independent, with an artisanal know-how; and on the other hand, the jewelry chains organized in chains, distributors and multi-brand.

Advantages of a jewelry store

It is undeniable that the dialogue with a jeweler and the possibility of physically seeing diamonds in a jewelry store is a real plus to learn about diamonds and their selection criteria.  Prefer a jeweler who has a large enough stock of diamonds to show you different price ranges, weights and qualities of diamonds. The ideal is a jeweler who will also be able to give you precious expert advice on creating a ring or other piece of jewelry (pendant, solitaire, wedding band...) hand made.


Disadvantage of a jewelry store

For reasons of cost and security, the physical stock of diamonds is often limited, not allowing you to choose from a very large offer in terms of quality and price. In France, most jewelers have chosen to offer their customers diamonds of F or G color and VS clarity for jewelry stores positioned on a quality offer and diamonds of H or I color and SI clarity for more commercial jewelry stores.

Buy your diamond from a jewelry brand


For a long time, high jewelry and jewelry were dominated by a few big brands, creators of the most beautiful jewels reserved for the richest and most famous personalities in the world. In recent decades, the clientele of these big brands has expanded considerably and many new jewelry brands have been born.

Advantage of a jewelry brand

Buying a diamond from a jewelry brand is making a clear choice of identity, history and style. The jeweler has deliberately chosen a category of diamonds that he uses for all his creations. For example, the high jewelry brands in the Place Vendôme area offer mostly excellent diamonds, with colors ranging from D to F and purities ranging from IF to VVS. The more commercial brands found in supermarkets are positioned on a competitive price offer with lower qualities, generally in H or I for the color, and SI or even Piqué (inclusions easily visible to the naked eye) for the purity.

Disadvantage of a jewelry brand

Outside of this framework, the brand's positioning does not specialize in finding a diamond made to measure according to your tastes. You do not have the choice to modify the color or the clarity, and thus adapt the diamond ring to your budget and/or your preferences in terms of quality. It is the same with the setting, you buy the jeweler's style, which you can certainly sometimes customize at the margin with more and more configurators, but it is far from a custom-made and unique creation for you.

Buying from an online diamond dealer


Let us underline at first that there are two big types of sites of online sale. On the one hand, the generalist sites that sell a wide range of rings, solitaires, pendants... (in gold, platinum, silver...) and stones (precious stones and semi-precious stones...). And sites specialized only on a type of frames and a type of stones. Among them, there are sites specializing in the sale of diamond jewelry, usually held by a diamond dealer.

Advantages of buying online

If the argument of the competitiveness of the prices of diamonds sold 25% to 50% less expensive than in traditional jewelry store often returns, the accessibility to a broad catalog on line to decide freely of the weight, the color, the purity and the quality of size of your diamond is by far the advantage number 1 of the purchase on line. Where a jeweler or a brand will show you the diamonds they have in stock and must sell, the online store offers a large stock which allows you a much larger choice, accessible in a few clicks, wherever you are.

Disadvantage of buying online

The obstacle to buying online is of course the risk of buying without seeing the diamond and checking its weight and brilliance. To counteract this, online sales sites emphasize transparency: as diamonds meet very standardized quality criteria, the diamonds offered are generally always accompanied by a quality certificate, issued by an independent laboratory HRD, IGI, GIA. A true identity card for your diamond, it gives the buyer all the precise and detailed information on the nature of the diamond offered.

Buy your diamond at i-diamants


Beyond the above mentioned advantage of an online sales site specialized in diamonds, the fundamental added value of our site i-diamants.com lies in the unconditional priority given to customer service. Our golden rule has always been the same: customer service is only provided by professional diamond dealers. Expertise is the key to our know-how. By phone, by email or by appointment, we will give you the best of ourselves to help you choose the diamond that best suits you.


Once the diamond is chosen, our second specialty is the creation of custom rings, solitaires, pendants ... At i-diamants, you can create with us your setting from A to Z. You just have to send us by mail a sketch or photos, and we realize with you the jewel of your dreams. From the technical drawing to the realistic 3D rendering, we have all the digital tools to allow you to validate the aesthetics, the volumes, proportions and dimensions of the frame in a first step. In a second step, the manufacturing of the jewel is then carried out by our craftsmen jewelers, to measure and perfectly adapted to the choice of your diamond.

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