Where to sell my diamond ?


If the latest scientific research estimates the reserves of diamonds 1000 times greater than previously thought (source sciences et avenir September 2018), the possibility of making them accessible to the common man remains impossible. This precious stone is born at a depth of more than 150 to 200 kilometers to return to human-sized research areas after a few million years. The blue diamonds mentioned in this article (among the most expensive colored diamonds) come from the transformation of rock masses more than 440 kilometers from the earth's surface. Ladies and gentlemen, you who own eternal diamonds, rest assured that your investment is still well valued! Diamonds are good investments, but they must be sold to a reliable partner who will give a fair price after a trustworthy expertise. The site i-diamants is your partner to sell and buy gemstones and jewelry.

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Where else can I sell my diamond but to a seasoned professional?

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The site i-diamants.com is a site of diamond dealers. We work without intermediaries who generate considerable additional costs and dilute confidence. Having only one interlocutor at the end of the phone is the pledge of the responsibility of the latter. The customer who sells diamonds can thus obtain the best purchase price. The advantage of working with an online intermediary is not insignificant. Can you imagine carrying valuable gems on your person in city traffic? This is a stress factor that can be avoided by contacting the site for a price estimate based on your details: weight, size, shape, certification, color, purity etc. The sale takes place from the seller's home by obtaining an estimate and then an offer (if any) to buy back remotely. If the buy-back operation is successful, the stone is sent by parcel (post, carrier), at declared value of course, and payment is immediate. We remain available on the phone or by email on the i-diamants.com website to answer your personal requests.

What do I need to know before buying a diamond?


The evaluation and purchase of a used diamond is based on the following criteria:


1) The weight of the diamond is the first criterion of price. It is calculated in carats. One carat weighs 0.20 grams. A diamond with a variation of 5% (0.95 carat against 1 carat) can be worth its weight in gold, if we can express it that way.

2) The color is studied from an evaluation on a color chart: it starts from the most colorless white to the yellow shade (the least valued, because the most common). The color scale is graduated from D (exceptional white) to Z (very pale yellow). Rare colored stones such as blue, yellow, green, red are priceless. We are talking about millions of euros per carat.


3) The purity of a diamond observed by a professional is said to be "Pure with a magnifying glass" or "Flawless" for the purest stones, and the stone is said to be "Pitted" if it has very marked impurities (inclusions).

4) Rarity, which is the lot of some of the world's best-known diamonds, determines a price calculated according to its size, weight, color and purity.

5) The size is also a criterion taken into account by our site. A well-cut stone is beautiful to look at, because it plays with the light as only a valuable diamond can do. A badly cut stone looks dull. The most common cut, but the most sought after, is the so-called round brilliant cut with 57 facets.


6) The degree of intensity of fluorescence plays on the price in an important way: the more it is important the less expensive is the diamond. It is verified with the emission of ultraviolet. The category of "Nil" or "None" diamonds, i.e. without fluorescence, is the most expensive. The "medium" and "strong" (medium and strong fluorescence) are less valued.

7) The sale of a diamond is accompanied by a gemology certificate. It describes the stone in a very precise way. It is issued by an approved institution belonging to the GIA, IGI, HRD, etc. groups. The date of issue of the certificate will be taken into account by the diamond dealers who buy your stone.

Why trust i-diamants.com ?


In addition to our expert advice, passionate about our profession and therefore attentive to your needs, we offer purchase prices in line with the market thanks to the work we have been doing with our partners for many years. Our clientele is spread all over the world, offering a large panel of potential buyers. This demand implies a strong demand throughout the year. It offers the maximum comfort for the purchase of your gemstone.

The experts of i-diamants.com are diamond dealers present in Antwerp since 1888, and in Nice, Paris and on the web for many years (1999). Our team is above all professional. They have been working in the diamond business for four generations. We master the price of supply and demand presented on the diamond markets to offer you buyback offers that are up to your expectations.