How to formulate your request for a personalized diamond bracelet?


All our models are customizable according to your desires, in the respect of the technical and aesthetic feasibility.

From a model selected on our site, send us your personalized request via the link under the price of the jewel.

  personalized request form

In the description part of the desired jewel of the personalized request form, specify your desires with a description, the desired length of the bracelet and your budget in the field "free text" and a photo or a drawing in the field "jpeg file image of the jewel". We will come back to you with a proposal that corresponds to your budget and a personalized quote.

Personalize your diamond bracelet

Your personalized request

I-diamants is the specialist in the sale of diamond bracelets. You can make changes to an existing design in our custom request form.

We offer diamond bracelets. If you wish to modify a model, send us a personalized request for this diamond jewel: we can modify the thickness of the bracelet, the color of the gold, the number, the size and the shape of the diamonds, add an engraving, choose a wrist size at the half measure or at the ¾ measure.

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