How to determine the measurement of a finger turn for a diamond ring ?


If it's not a surprise, just go to a jewelry store and check your finger. If it is a surprise, we help you to act with discretion...

When selecting a ring, a solitaire or a wedding band on our site, you will find after the choice of metal, the selection of finger size and on the right the "i" of information as in the photo below. Click on "i" and fill in your details.

An email with our ring gauge will be sent to you instantly. Print it at the right scale as indicated. You will only need to place a ring on it to determine its size. Be sure to use a ring worn on the same hand and finger as the desired piece of jewelry.

More information on finger circumference measurement


If you are very specific in your request, we can also adjust your ring to a half or three quarter size. Instead of making a 52 for example, we can make you a 52 and a half or a 52 a quarter. You can indicate this during the ordering process, in the free comment field, when you enter your billing and shipping address.

If you are unsure of the exact size of your finger, it is best to choose a size that is a little smaller. Indeed, it is always a little easier to make a measurement by enlarging the ring without risking to damage the setting. i-diamants commits to measure your finger size up to 2 sizes maximum within 30 days after receiving your ring. Please note that beyond 2 finger sizes, our jewelers will in some cases encounter a problem of technical feasibility. Beyond 2 sizes of adjustment, the feasibility is to be verified on a case by case basis.

Did you know that? The average size of a French woman's finger is 53.

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