How to make a request for a personalized diamond ring?


We can customize any model of diamond ring according to your desire, as long as it is technically and aesthetically feasible.

You will find a clickable link entitled "custom request" on all our jewelry sheets. Just click on this link and send us your personalized request.

You can specify your desires by describing the diamond ring you want and your budget in the "free text" field, as well as a photo or drawing that inspires you in the "jpeg image of the jewel" field.


You can also wish a modification on one of our models of diamond ring, make us the request via the form of personalized request.

Personalize your diamond ring

Special request

After receiving your request, we will send you a personalized quote as soon as possible.


You can buy yourself or your loved one a diamond ring for your engagement, a tradition that personifies your love and commitment. The diamond ring symbolizes eternity, since the diamond is an eternal stone that shines with a thousand lights. Personalizing the diamond ring you wish to offer or wear will give it the original and personal touch that will make your diamond ring unique.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question related to a personalized diamond ring request, we will advise you as well as possible to adapt to your desires.

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