Ring too small or too big. How do I do it?


It is possible that the size of your fingers change due to stress, weight loss, swelling of the fingers when the temperature rises, or thinning of the fingers when it is cold.

When your diamond ring or wedding band is too big or too small, you can return it to us for a fitting.

Sometimes it is the phalanx that is too thick, so technical devices are used to prevent the ring from turning around the finger.

  pearls adjustment

The adjustment beads

Our craftsmen can add two small metal loops to reduce the diameter of the ring. These two small metal loops are attached to the back of the ring. This technique is very efficient to keep the ring intact.

  golden bridges pruning

The golden bridge

We can reduce the size of the ring you like by putting on what is called a "bridge". Like the adjustment beads, it is attached to the back of the ring, on the inside.

This technical device can however hinder the wearing of the ring when your fingers touch.

  sizing spring

The spring

For reasons of discomfort or aesthetics that prevent the use of adjustment beads on some models, we can use the spring technique. This is a metal band that is placed inside the ring, so that it takes up 3/4 of the ring's inner diameter.

This system is very convenient and comfortable for people who have a thicker finger in the phalanges because the spring is a system that opens slightly and closes, so that the ring passes through your phalanges and fits at the base of your finger.

The spring system is best suited for wide rings.

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