Why do we use a technical drawing to create your diamond custom jewelry?


After your order and before the manufacturing of your jewel we send you a detailed technical drawing of your jewel.

This drawing with all the dimensions allows you to visualize your jewel. At this stage, we can make the desired changes and we ask you to validate the technical drawing before starting the manufacture of your unique jewel.


Every craftsman and jeweler learns to create and transform jewelry. To do so, he must have the necessary resources.

Since we make every piece of jewelry to measure, we need this technical drawing which is one of the bases of creation of custom pieces.

It allows us to validate with you the shapes, proportions and dimensions of the jewel in every detail.


If you wish to make a technical drawing before placing an order, it will be invoiced from 100 to 300 euros TTC depending on the complexity of your project.

This amount would then be deducted from your order.


Let's validate together via the technical drawing the shapes, proportions and dimensions of the jewel of your dreams

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