How to choose between our 3 or 4 claws diamond earring models ?


The earrings we offer are set with 3 or 4 prongs of your choice.

It is not the number of prongs that counts but the quality of the setting: it is better to have three prongs of good quality than four of bad quality.

The selection of a model and the number of prongs is above all an aesthetic choice.


  3 prongs diamond earrings

Our 3 prong and 4 prong earrings are also original models developed by i-diamants. We have created them at the request of our customers: the curved shape of the prongs allows the diamond to be perfectly placed as close as possible to the earlobe.

  diamond earring 4 claws
  3 claws earrings

Our classic 3 claw Premium and 4 claw Premium earrings are our most traditional earring designs. They have always been made in jewelry with slightly raised diamonds to highlight them.

  4 claws earrings
  Cradle diamond earrings

Our 4 claws cradle model is an original model that you won't find elsewhere. The cradle shaped bezel is very feminine. This model exists in 4 claws only because the bezel does not allow to set the stone by 3 claws only.


Except for our Cradle model, all our earrings have a belt. We can remove or modify the belt if you wish.

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