Earrings Diamond

The diamond earrings are a reflection of the eyes. With beautiful diamond earrings, we do not know if these are the eyes or ears that shine the most. When a women wears diamond earrings she'll have the pleasure to say "look me into the eyes" for many brilliant reasons. Because no man remains indifferent to the brilliant face of a woman happy to be beautiful wearing lovely diamond earrings.

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Earrings Hoop earrings  Diamond White Gold HOOP  ( 1.5 cm ) e&i

Earrings Diamond HOOP ( 1.5 cm ) e&i

From 2059€

Earrings Hoop earrings Diamond White Gold HOOP ( 1.5 cm ) e&i
Earrings Hoop earrings  Diamond White Gold HOOP COLLECTION ( 3.5 cm ) e&i

Earrings Diamond HOOP COLLECTION ( 3.5 cm ) e&i

From 3984€

Earrings Hoop earrings Diamond White Gold HOOP COLLECTION ( 3.5 cm ) e&i
Earrings Mono  Diamond White Gold MONO CRADLE

Earrings Diamond MONO CRADLE

From 733€

Earrings Mono Diamond White Gold MONO CRADLE
Earrings Classics  Diamond White Gold EMERALD cut

Earrings Diamond EMERALD cut

From 1703€

Earrings Classics Diamond White Gold EMERALD cut
Earrings Designer  Diamond White Gold SUN by Sando

Earrings Diamond SUN by Sando

From 1385€

Earrings Designer Diamond White Gold SUN by Sando
Earrings Classics  Diamond White Gold BOUQUET OF DIAMONDS


From 2558€

Earrings Classics Diamond White Gold BOUQUET OF DIAMONDS
Earrings Classics  Diamond White Gold TEMPTATION yellow gold

Earrings Diamond TEMPTATION yellow gold

From 1752€

Earrings Classics Diamond White Gold TEMPTATION yellow gold
Earrings Classics  Diamond White Gold TEMPTATION white gold

Earrings Diamond TEMPTATION white gold

From 1752€

Earrings Classics Diamond White Gold TEMPTATION white gold
Earrings Classics  Diamond White Gold Micro-paved PEAR

Earrings Diamond Micro-paved PEAR

From 3344€

Earrings Classics Diamond White Gold Micro-paved PEAR
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Bespoke jewellery Customised request How to buy a Earrings Diamond

Diamond earrings, how to choose them ?


A pair of earrings with diamonds requires the constitution of homogeneous and calibrated diamonds.


Because the quality passes by the know-how, i-diamants by De Hantsetters, diamond professionals, ensures this work of choice of diamonds for earrings upstream from our diamond offices in Antwerp.


Thanks to our website, which is the best website for the purchase of gold and diamond earrings, or by visiting our offices or our creation workshops, we will be happy to accompany you in the realization of a jewel with diamonds at the best price. Your diamond earrings will be the result of a custom-made work by our team of experienced diamond and jewelry makers.

Diamond earring man


The symbolism of the man earring is distinguished without completely distracting attention. The diamond earring man comes to complete an outfit, a look. The model of diamond earring man is usually an earring with screw clasp. Discover our diamond ear studs and our choice of diamond ear chip.

Woman diamond earring


We offer you a wide selection of refined women's diamond earrings which are luxury earrings. Our catalog is composed of earring pendant diamond, earring gold 18 carats (namely earring woman white gold, diamond earring solitaire, ...).

Child diamond earring


Children's models are also available, they are mainly small gold earring and earring with screw.

The different materials of 18 carat diamond earrings


The diamond earrings that we make are all 18 carat gold earrings. Thus, you can find according to your desires, white gold and diamond earrings and yellow gold earrings.

White gold diamond earring


The white gold diamond earrings bring a very modern style. White gold is an alloy of 75% pure gold, therefore yellow, and 25% white metals. The white color is obtained by a surface treatment.

Yellow gold diamond earring


Yellow gold earrings are timelessly elegant. Yellow is the natural color of gold. 18 karat gold is a mixture of 75.0% fine gold and 25.0% alloy. The 18 karat yellow gold or 750/000 is 75% fine gold and is the standard of French quality.

Pink gold diamond earring


Rose gold earrings are feminine and fashionable. By varying the components of the alloy of 25% of other metals than pure gold (75%) we obtain different tones. The addition of copper, for example, allows to go towards tones of pink gold.

Which carat for its diamond earring ?


It should be noted that 1 carat = 0.20 grams. The diamonds we offer on our diamond earrings are between 0.20 and 1 to 2 carats, depending on the model. But the carat is not the only criterion to take into account for the quality of a diamond. Two diamonds of the same weight often have very different values: everything depends on their certificate, their cut quality, their shape, their color and their clarity. On each product sheet, different earring prices are proposed according to these criteria.

The different types of diamond earrings


Different models for women and men are available on our website. Choose the pair that suits you to dress your ears in a chic and elegant way, and match for example your necklaces or rings. You can find studs, square or round, rings and pearls. Or even more design and original models such as pendants, creole diamond earrings or sleepers.

The existing models


Our jewelry store on i-diamants for diamond earrings for women offers a choice at the best price, contemporary luxury and quality of French manufacture.

In the store jewelry online purchase of i-diamants, section jewelry, you will find other models : gold diamond earrings with 3 and 4 prongs in different finishes, diamond earrings set in a closed setting, gold mono earrings with a single diamond, gold earrings for women with pear-shaped diamonds, diamond earrings from our designers including the very elegant Venitiennes model a gold pendant earring model set with diamonds model for women in white or yellow gold, very feminine with 2 diamonds from 0.20 carats. Each earring model is offered in several price ranges and will be adapted to your ear holes.


The ear chains


Earrings of this type consist of a very thin (and very flexible) chain that is slipped into the ear hole. At one end of the chain, a rigid metal wire of the same diameter is attached to the extension of the chain to facilitate their installation. These earrings do not require a clasp. The classic Venetian Earrings model of our collection is a model with ear chain.

French jewellery

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Passion, Authenticity, Expertise

Certified diamonds

By 3 world-renowned laboratories:

les certifications des diamants

Alpa clasp system for pierced ears


This system, guarantee of safety, accompanies the diamond earrings having a great market value because its behaviour is very good. The manufacture of our gold earrings set with diamonds is French and made to measure with a high quality finish, each diamond earring is equipped with the Alpa clasp system for pierced ears. These are small discs whose slightly curved part comes to stick behind the ear. On both sides of this disc, two serrated tabs activate springs that will click on the notch of the stem. Thus the earring is always well fixed and easily.

Diamond chip earring


To sublimate your look and give your face some sparkle, the perfect accessory is without a doubt a pair of diamond earrings. Thin, yet luminous, discreet, yet sublime, diamond earrings are undeniable beauty assets. They are not only for women, but also for men. These jewels can also be embellished with yellow, pink or white gold. The result remains the same: SUBLIME.

Diamond pendant earring


If there is one beauty accessory that magnifies a woman's look, it is undoubtedly the earring. The models are numerous, but nothing is more mesmerizing than a pair of dangling earrings. It is even more so when it is embellished with a stone as rare and precious as the diamond. Whether it's on a bun, a short hairstyle, mid-length hair or a plunging bob, it will add a graceful touch.

Creole diamond earring


Complete your jewelry box with a pair of diamond creole earrings. Called "rings", these earrings are the perfect piece to perfect your evening dress. Both chic and glam, they come in different versions to suit all preferences: thick, thin, patterned, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. A symbol of wealth in ancient times, they are now at the heart of the new trend.

Princess diamond earring


The diamond princess earrings are certainly in the must have jewelry boxes of all women. Even with their moderate size, they shine with a thousand lights and are undeniable to dress the face of the wearer. Lightweight, they are not bulky, but their brilliance sparkles all the looks. In terms of security, they are fitted with an Alpa-type clasp that does not come off easily.

Symbolism of the earring


The symbolism is organized around the feminine character of the ear. The role of the earring a fortiori with diamonds is aesthetic, it aims at attracting the glance towards the ear thanks to its brightness, this complex organ too often masked by the hair. The earrings are jewels that are out of the ordinary, because they are worn in pairs. The man has two arms, two legs but it would not occur to anyone to wear two rings or two identical bracelets. Thus, the earrings, since they are double, are the mark of an autonomy of the woman who knows how to exceed the unity of the male phallus.

Earrings are mentioned in philosophy as a metaphor of sex. In their duplicity, they participate in a double game of coquetry: that of oneself and that for the other. Symbol of femininity, earrings are sometimes voluntarily hidden.  The philosopher then proposes to compare the "passive" character of the ear to that of the female sex and demonstrates in that the necessary link between the earrings - which emphasize the ear - with femininity.

Pre-purchase estimate and price of diamond earrings


Before purchasing a diamond earring or diamond earring chips, you can request a free quote online with a personalized choice of the pair or couple of diamonds (carat weight and quality of diamonds) which largely determines the price of the diamond earring. The price of the pair of diamond earrings varies depending on the material and diamonds used, the design and manufacturing work of the jewelry. Some options allow you to buy cheap diamond earrings, even for a Creole pair.

Also take advantage of sales periods or black friday, to offer a nice gift.

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